8 Portfolio of Bird flu Havoc

8 Portfolio of Bird flu Havoc

Blue flu is the contagious disease prevalence in the birds around the globe.
It is caused by H5N1 viral strain and causes massive loss of the poultry industry at the time of occurrence. Almost all of us have seen the mass dumping of the poultry products in the media during the time of occurrence. This is the major cause of the decline in the price of poultry per year.

Bird flu is often called the nightmare of the poor farmer around the world due to the huge economic loss in short period of time. It is almost impossible to avoid the bird flu occurrence but by using series of procedures it can prevent.

Interesting Information

1. H5N1

This strain of the virus often known as influenza A is of serious concern as it is the sole cause of mortality of millions of poultry. Due to its highly contagious nature, there is the need of the special procedure to manage the poultry in the case of infection.

2. Migratory Birds

Migratory birds transfer this disease to the local avian population. There is the strong need for the captive bird to have adequate distance from the migratory birds.

3. Pigeon

There is no record of pigeon spreading the bird flu. There is the panic at the time of bird flu occurrence on the possible cause of infection from the pigeon. Pigeon being urban dweller stays in proximity with the human.

4. Zoonotic Disease

Human does not have the innate mechanism to defense against the influenza virus. So, it is always essential to have adequate distance from the birds. The most serious concern on the virus is that if the virus strain gets manipulated in human it can take the danger case of the epidemic.

5. H7N9

This is the more virulent strain of the virus then the H5N1 and the human infection of this deadly virus was observed in china in 2013. In human infestation of this stains causes the respiratory ailments.

6. Chicken Meat

Consuming chicken meat and egg adequately cooked doesn’t cause the infection to the one who consumes it. But, due to severe panic during the occurrence of the disease almost anyone in the globe tends to avoid the poultry products. It is highly recommended to avoid the use of raw and undercooked egg and meat during the time of occurrence and almost every time.

7. Economic Loss

The occurrence of this virus can create the panic situation to the poultry farmer in the developing country as it causes the huge economic loss. Further, due to the lack and insurance and compensation mechanism occurrence of this disease is the nightmare for the poor farmer. The farmer tends to hide the disease in order to avoid the mass slaughter of poultry making the condition even worse.

8. Prevention

Adequate washing the hand with the shop of at least 20 second can be best prevention from the Bird flue. There is the needs to strictly follow the biosafety procedure in order prevent the infection.


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