Primordial Ayurvedic Potent Medicine Neem

Primordial Ayurvedic Potent Medicine Neem

Neem is the evergreen plant that grows in the tropical and subtropical region. The tree can attend the height of more than forty meters. People have been using Neem for alleviating different disease for more than five thousand years ago. Neem products should not be consumed by the pregnant, infant and person taking low blood pressure medication.

The flowering takes place once in the year and fruits falls from the tree after around 90 days. Fruits are of small size and the middle part of the fruit is sweet. Neem is known for its better taste.

Neem is often considered as the weed in its non-native range. This is mainly due to its prolific spread of the Neem plant.

Uses of Neem

1. Pesticide

Neem oil has been used traditionally as the potent pesticide due to its antibacterial and antifungal nature. Neem oil is extracted from the seed of the Neem plant.

2. Toothbrush

Twig of the neem has been widely used as the toothbrush from the long time back.

3. Soap

Neem has been traditional as the shop due to its antibacterial and antifungal quality.

4. Furniture

Due to the large size of the neem tree, it can be used to make the variety of furniture and other items. The furniture from the neem tree lasts for longer period of time.

Health benefit of Neem

1. Digestion

Neem leaf is lush with the fiber. Consuming the Neem leaf can be beneficial in the common digestive ailments like gas and constipation.

2. Liver

Consuming the Neem leaf can have the beneficial effect on the liver by improving the liver functioning.

3. Dark circles in eye

Dark circles in the eye can be abolished by adding the paste of neem around the eye and lifting it for fifteen minutes.

4. Intestinal worm

The innate chemical in the neem leaves helps in removing the intestinal worm. The parts from the neem should be thoroughly cleaned before ingesting it.

5. Cancer

Chemical laden in the neem can prevent cancer occurrence of various types.

6. Contraceptive

Neem oil has the innate property of the birth control and as contraceptives. This was practiced in the past.

7. Diabetes

It is claimed that consuming neem can regulate the sugar level in the blood. Thus preventing diabetes.

8. Skin ailments

Adding crushed neem leaves in the water during the bath can reduce the skin ailments.

9. Prevent hair loss

Neem has the innate property to make the healthy hair. Regular use of the neem in the scalp prevents hair losses.

10. Allergy

Neem oil is often used as the potent remedy for allergies occurring in the skin. Oral consumption of neem oil can be beneficial for the one having the allergy of the skin.


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