Proven Health Benefits of Strawberry

Proven Health Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberries are the well-recognized fruit consumed around the globe. Strawberry is commonly referred to as the garden strawberries and is the hybrid species. The aesthetically appealing color, good aroma, and pleasant taste make the strawberries popular food. It is consumed fresh as well as mixing it with the food items. Due to the high market value farmers have been cultivation strawberries as early as 17 century (1). Presently the United state of America is the number one producer of the strawberries.

Due to the relatively low content of the fat and lush with vitamins and micronutrients strawberries can be a good diet. Consumption of the strawberries produce healthy heart, prevents from cancers (2).  It is normally not recommended to the strawberry for the one suffering from gallbladder and kidney ailments.

Health Benefit of eating strawberries:

1. Antioxidant

Vitamin C, which acts as the potent antioxidant, is present in the strawberries. This prevents the damage of the cells by the free radical and helps in the longevity. The anthocyanin present is the strawberry acts as the potent antioxidant.

2. Weight Loss

The red color of the strawberries is due to the chemical known as anthocyanin is claimed to accelerate the loss of body fat.

3. Healthy Heart

Due to lowering of the bad cholesterol in the blood resulting in the healthy heart with lots of beneficial effect in the human health.

4. Vision

Consuming strawberry is claimed to have the beneficial effect in the vision.

5. Parkinson Disease

Moderate consumption of the strawberries that is twice in a week reduces the risk of getting the Parkinson disease.

6. Healthy Bone

Due to the lush of nutrient like Vitamin K, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium healthy bone can be obtained.

7. Diabetes

The polyphenols in the strawberries can be beneficial in mentioning the sugar level in the blood.

8. Cancer

Cancer like the breast, colon, cervical and esophageal cancer can be prevented by regular consumption of strawberries.


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