Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is creating havoc in the present world. The prevalence of diabetes is higher in South East Asia than another region of the world. This is basically due to the specific race of holding excessive body fat in the body.

This is the noncommunicable disease caused by complete or lack of the hormone named insulin. This hormone controls the glucose in the body by converted glucose in the blood to glycogen, which is stored in the body mainly in liver and spleen.

Pancreas, which is situated below the stomach secrete the hormone insulin and other. Insufficient or lack of insulin is technically called the Diabetes. The common symptom of diabetes is frequent urination, heat in the body, weight loss, etc.

Type one diabetes is due to the stoppage of the body to produce the insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the condition in which body does not recognize the effect of insulin in the body. After the person suffers from diabetes oral consumption of insulin hormone is inevitable. In the adverse condition of the diabetes intravenous injection of the hormone is advised.

There are some ways by which diabetes can be controlled. Different method, when applied in combined way, can prevent diabetes. Some of the ways by which diabetes can be prevented as:

1. Consuming Food with Low Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is the measure of how the glucose in the food gets deposited inside the body. Food with the higher glycemic index tends to release glucose into the blood in short time. This is not suitable for metabolism. Food with the glycemic index of greater than 40 should not be consumed. Regular consumption of Polished rice with the glycemic index of 80 can result in diabetes.

2. Active Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle causes the malfunction of metabolism process of the body. There should be an allocation of certain time in the day for exercise to remain healthy.

3. Cigarette and Marijuana

Some research point out the use of tobacco as the causative factor of diabetes. Consumption of marijuana triggers the spike in glucose level to rise in the body.

4. Whole Grains

The pundit in the diabetes control claimed that regular consumption of whole grains helps to ease the chance of suffering from diabetes.

5. Controlling Body Fat

High body mass index can result in malfunction of the body metabolism process causing the body prone to diabetes. Excessive body weight can cause various diseases and need to control it.

6. Consuming Less Junky Food

Junk food is laden with sugar, salt and fat, which can cause the malfunction in the normal functioning of the body. Consuming the diet rich with nutrition can make the body functioning normally.

7. Eat Fiber Rich Food

Fiber is found in fruits and vegetable. Consuming the fiber rich food can stimulate the body for normal functioning thus easing the chance of suffering from diabetes.

8. Avoid No Sugar Food

These foods are laden with fat and fructose to make appealing in taste. This can cause the adverse effect on the health.

9. Yoga

There are some yoga exercises for making the internal organ strong. His needs to be done in a regular manner.

10. Check the Sugar Level Frequently

Anyone gaining weight in short period of time needs to taste the sugar level in blood. If the sugar level is found higher than it can be controlled in the beginning phase.


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