Salvation: The Primordial Mystery Human are Indulge

Salvation: The Primordial Mystery Human are Indulge 

Salvation can simply be defined as the escape in the mundane cycle of Life and death and sin. The definition of the salvation varies greatly with the religions. In spite of the advancement of science and technology, the perception of the people has not changed significantly. It is not always necessary to deny the supernatural power. Countless of people in the world believes god creates human. There are also countless people denying superpower.

In past, it is commonly perceived that nuclear bomb can destroy the earth. But, after tremendous research scientist found that the cockroach can survive the nuclear attack. What if human-made the outer covering that mimics cockroach external layer. Further, nuclear energy was considered as one of the dangerous forms of energy. As the sun the ultimate source of energy that drives the earth is the giant nuclear reactor running in hydrogen fluid. If the human can place the artificial reactors at the adequate distance they can eliminate the energy crises in the earth.

Cleaver businessmen are collecting money for the space tourism, settlement in the mars, Creation of artificial sun, etc. The scientific achievement which is the byproduct of curious human thought has made the marvelous achievement of human possible.

Recently Stephen Hawking claims that humanity lasts for only one thousand years from Now. It is due to the unwanted natural disturbance human has created in the universe.  Let us wait for the scientific advancement that will abolish all the misunderstanding innate in the human history.

Ways of salvation


According to Hindu philosophy to be human once soul needs to pass the cycle of life and death in 8.4 million different organisms. The only way to escape from the repeated cycle of life and death is to perform the act of salvation during human life.

The most noticeable act of salvation is practiced by Hindu baba. Yoga, which is gaining immense popularity now a day, has been invented by ancestors as the path of salvation. There is countless baba performing act that is unimaginable. Some have raised their hands for many years. Countless baba basks in the fire during dazzling heat summer. Other Babas like Aghori baba lives in cremation ground for almost entire life to achieve salvation. Some have stand throughout the life. Giving pain to the flesh can be best options for salvation to concentrate in god. Normally these weird acts last for 12 years.


The path of salvation is often referred to the achieving the nirvana. This is also the pinnacle point in which person get rid of the suffering. This marked the end of the cycle of life and birth. To attain the nirvana in baddish one needs to devote the entire lifetime.

Salvation in Christianity

Salvation is defined as the saving of the soul from sin and its consequences in the Christianity.


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