Saving Wildlife in Need: Wild Life Management

Saving Wildlife in Need: Wild Life Management

Wildlife management involves lots of integrated practice mainly use to conserve the species. This is highly debated but widely used practice around the globe.

Due to immense pressure on the conservation of wildlife the concept of the wildlife management in booming. There are clear indications of the failure in the conservation effort around the globe.

The problems are of serious concern in the developing country than on the developed countries. There are some overpriced species that have produced strong challenge in the conservation.

The conservation of the overprices species is only possible by allocating the specific resource in the area.


The core of the wildlife management lays in the tenet that with the limited funding it is almost impossible to protect all the species. So, wildlife management focus on the conservation of the species which has economic value.

Value of Species

In broad categories, there are two values of the species one is the intrinsic value and the other is instrumental value.

Intrinsic Valve

Species is the part of nature. Our present knowledge on the species in inadequate to analyze the precise importance of the species.

Usually, the conservationist focuses on the intrinsic value.

Instrumental Value

This value is based on the importance of species for us. Species can prove meat, leather, musk etc. for the human benefits. There are game species that can be raised commercially for the sustainable harvest.

Instrumental value is highly praised by the wildlife management.

Cons of Wild Life Management

Due to bias in the species conservation extinction rate can be accelerated. This can leads to the disturbance in the natural cycle which can adversely affect the various ecosystem.

Pros of Wild Life Management

Game species can be conserved with the limited resource. Generate the revenue from the establishment of hunting reserve, taxidermy, etc.


This is the process of extraction of the skin of the game animals. This is the booming business. Usually, after the extraction of skin by the precise means they are transformed into the showcase mimicking live animals.

Traditionally hunter and the scientist use them for the display especially for the profound aesthetic and educational purposes.

Hunting Reserve

This is the reserve established with an objective of the sustainable harvesting of the animal species in the specific season.

There are strict criteria for the organism to be killed. Usually, the infants are forbidden to kill during the hunting.

None of the animals except for the organism granted as the hunting permit are allowed to kill in the specific period of time.


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