Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization or in short SEO is the process of application of varied tactic to dive the organic traffic to the site. Any kind of traffic from the unpaid sources are called the organic traffic. Here the term traffic refers to the visitors to the site. Search Engine run in the Algorithm and changes them continuously. The major search engine of our age are Google, bing, Yahoo, etc. Google dominant the entire search engine with more then ninety percent of the searches are made from Google.

Applying certain tactics while building and operating the site can drive tons of free traffic. Due to this adequate knowledge of search engine optimization is vital for the prosperity of everyone who want to harness the power of Internet.

There are mainly two types of Search Engine Optimization one is On-page and another is off-page optimization. On-page SEO refers to the tactics need to used while making the website such as adequate use of HTML. This need to be done at the beginning and is vital to induce traffic. Whereas off page search engine optimization is the process of using tactics to attract the traffic after the page has been made such as link building.

There are three types of tactics commonly used in SEO one is black, gray and white hat. Black hat is using the unethical means to manipulate search engine. This can lead to the permanent ban in the website by the search engine. White hat is the use of ethical means to rank high in organic search such as keyword research. Gray Hats is the intermediate between white and black hat.

Search engine treats the paid and organic search in different ways. Paid search only pops up separately at the top or at the bottom of search engine. This does not have any relation with the unpaid or the organic search.


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