Snow Leopard Facts

Snow Leopard Facts

The snow leopard is the carnivorous mammals thriving in cold place. The elevation range of snow leopard can varies from 4,080 to 8,700 meter above sea level. It is native to Asian Himalayas. Due to various reasons, the population of snow leopard is rapidly declining in wild. It is estimated to be less than 2,500 mature individuals reproducing in the wild.

The weight of female snow leopard can be unto 55 kilograms. The weight of males can be high as 75kg. The total length of the body can go up to 150 centimeters at the tip of the tail. It has longer tail compared to the body and the length can be 100 centimeters. The height of the snow leopard can grow up to 2 feet. The body structure is of snow leopard is suitable for the harsh cold climate. Due to its prime habitat in the alpine and subalpine region, it is difficult to observe the normal behavior in wild.

Facts about the snow leopard

Massive stamina

Snow leopard can drag more than four times the body weight. Their diet comprises large animals like Himalayan tahr, Horse, camel etc. Due to its habitat in harsh cold climate, the bounty is safer for consumption for the longer period of time.

Home range

The home range of snow leopard can be the more than12 square kilometer.  The snow leopard is extremely territorial and defends the home range. Present allocated area is not suitable for proliferation of snow leopard population.

Have large nasal cavity

This is essential to make the air warm while inhaling in cold climate. The extremely cold air in the higher elevation needs to make warm for survival.


During summer when the temperature drops snow leopard venture in higher elevation. During winter when there is extreme cold snow leopard migrate in lower elevation.

Life Span

The life span of the captive snow leopard is found to be 21 years. The life span of the wild snow leopard is less than the captive. Due to their extremely illusive nature, it is difficult to estimate the precise life span in wild.


Snow leopard prefers the broken terrain; the rocky area the agile body of snow leopard facilitates the movement.


Snow leopard lives alone in wild except during mating season. It is generally observed that the pair hunts in the couple during mating season.

Retaliation killing

The killing of the domestic animals by snow leopard causes anger in the owner of the domestic animal. The killing of snow leopard does the compensation of the anger. This is called the retaliation killing. This is the prime reason for the innocent killing of the snow leopard.

Males are larger than female

Females are around thirty percent smaller than male.


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