Solar Photovoltaic Technology the Clean Energy

Solar Photovoltaic Technology the Clean Energy

Solar energy is the clean energy widely used around the globe. The energy from the sunlight is converted into electricity by using the photovoltaic (PV) or Solar cell. Due to huge environmental benefit, various government around the world are focusing on the solar energy development. Due to the long lasting of the photovoltaic system that is 25 to 40 years the popularity is increasing at the rapid rate.

Solar energy can be used without using the photovoltaic. This can be achieved by converging the solar radiation to the single point. This can be achieved using the mirror or lenses. The immense heat produces by converging the light is used to heat the water to convert into the stream. The stream obtained is used for varied purposes.

The importance of the solar energy is drastically improving due to its immense benefits.

Photovoltaic Cell

The photovoltaic cell is often known as the solar cell are the device meant to convert the energy from the light to Electricity by the effect known as the photovoltaic effect.

The light absorption causes the development of election hole and separates into opposite type and external circuit extracts the charge carriers.

The functioning of the photovoltaic cell is an accomplice by the photodetectors, which can detect the electromagnetic range of visible radiation.


Photovoltaic technology uses the wafers to collect the energy. The wafers are the semiconductor material. Using the sheet of glass at the top protects the wafers.

Benefits of Using the Solar Technology

Solar technology has the humongous potential as it harasses the energy from the sun. The rays of the sun are the perpetual form of energy. It implies that solar energy is long lasting or everlasting. Due to less pollution during the manufacturing and operation process, solar technology can be good for ambient atmosphere. Solar technology has the capacity to replace the noisome technology like that from Nonrenewable sources which are the culprit for Environmental degradation.

Due to massive subsidy is given by several governments around the world solar energy technology is becoming cheaper day-by-day. Further, the efficiency has been drastically improved than that of past. Due to higher energy efficiency, the payback period of solar technology has to be minimized to around 10 years.

Drawback of the solar technology

There are series of drawbacks such as high uses of land, less energy efficient, expensive, Further, for optimum performance of solar cell the humidity needs to be considering seriously. The traditionally lead acid battery needs to be replaced every five years that can be expensive to rural households.

Uses of the cadmium in the solar cell can be of great concern due to its danger of bioaccumulation in the food chain.


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