Space X on Space Travel

Space X on Space Travel 

Space X is the short form of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. It is the private space transport service company formed in 2002 by well-known billionaire entrepreneur of our age, Elon Musk. The headquarter of the Space X is located in California, United States. This 15 years old company has more than five thousand employees. Space X is constantly in the process of progress despite some delayed in the schedule.

The announcement by NASA in 2006, that Space X among the two selected company as crew and cargo resupply drastically increases the publicity of the space X.

In 2008, space x launches its first rocket into the orbit. It is the first private company to accomplish this. The Rocket of the Space X is named as Falcon. Up to the present, there are Falcon 1 to 9.


This was the Concept of the innovative entrepreneur in early 2000s. Elon Musk during his visits to Russian calculated the estimated price of the homemade rocket to be merely three percent the price of the rocket. The lucrative nature of the project triggers the Musk to start the business.

Due to its highly profitable nature, he personally established the company. Initially, he invests hundred million dollars of his own money in starting the company in the year 2002.


The objective of the space transport service is to lower the transportation cost to space. It is primarily established to transport of the food and crewmember to the International Space Station. Colonization of mars is the future project of the company that is gaining height.

Normally, the cost of sending food the International space station is five thousand five hundred per kilogram and the falcon from Space X can deliver it as two thousand two hundred per kilogram.

Space exploration is the highly expensive process. Due to this nature, our understanding of the outer space is hazy. Cheap space exploration program is the milestone for the advancement of our knowledge of the universe.

To facilitate the global the Internet access space x is trying to make the constellations of four thousand satellites.

It is aimed to deliver first cargo flight to mars in the year 2018. It has been scheduled to start mars colonization at 2024 to 2025. Musk has the vision that by 2035 there will be thousand of the rocket to transport millions of people to Mars.


The Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), by the Space X is the example of innovation. Falcon 9 has been successfully landed in the sea that is also the part of innovation.



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