Spirulina 7 Health Benefit and Side Effects

Spirulina Health Benefit and Side Effects

The blue-green algae are commonly referred to as the name Spirulina. This alga grows in the freshwater of the tropical region. The Mexican used to consume them the long time back. Due to multiple health benefits, it is gaining immense popularity in the present age. Spirulina can be grown indoor in an aquarium with ease.

Due to huge health benefit, it is widely consumed by humans and is also used as animals supplement around the globe (1).

Spirulina contains more than 60 percent protein, around 24 percentage of carbohydrate, 7 percent of fat and contain an adequate amount of B-complex vitamin. There is no doubt the Spirulina is lush with the goodness of nutrition.

Harmful effects of Spirulina consumption

Spirulina is believed to produce toxic substance when consumed can cause the gastrointestinal disturbance and in long run can damage the liver.

Further, vitamin B 12 content in the Spirulina is not considered as the reliable source of Vitamin B 12 (2).  Marketer often uses the Vitamin B12 as the tool as of advertisement.

Fever can be observed due to the huge amount of protein content by consuming Spirulina. This is due to metabolism of the huge amount of innate protein.

Although consumption of the Spirulina extracts the heavy metal like Arsenic from the body there the has been researching on the high level of heavy metal like lead in Spirulina itself. This can cause an adverse effect on health instead of the beneficial effect(3).

Health benefit of eating Spirulina.

1. Anemia

Due to the high content of the iron that is vital for the manufacture of hemoglobin in the blood. Consuming the Spirulina is believed to regulate the level of iron in the blood.

2. Constipation

Higher content of the dietary fiber that is more than three percent is believed to be beneficial for the normal functioning of bowel movement.

3. Weight loss

Due to the high content of valuable nutrient needed by the body, it can be the good supplement for anyone wishing to loss the weight.

4. Arsenic removal

Heavy metal like the Arsenic can be get rid of the body by regular consumption.

5. Boost immune system

The polysaccharide, phycocyanin in the Spirulina can boost the immune system. The boosting of the immunity can be beneficial to suppress the viral infection.

6. Cancer

Chemicals innate in the Spirulina is believed to reduce the occurrence in cancer especially breast cancer.  

7. Healthy heart

Regular consumption of the Spirulina is believed to decrease the level of bad cholesterol in the blood that is beneficial for optimum functioning of the heart.


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