Step to Write the Blog Post in Less Than one Hour

Step to Write the Blog Post in Less Than one Hour

Blogging has become lucrative now a day due to its huge potential to make money. The backbone of the blog is the quality traffic induces from the quality blog post. Further, due to the surge in Doman flipping business the importance of blog post that attracts high traffic has skyrocket.

Once the person becomes acquaint with making the blog post. Then the handsome amount of money can be generated within the short period of time. As the demand for high quality is always on the rise.

There are some of the ways when applied in an adequate manner can make the majestic blog post.

Typing Skill

Typing skill is the major skill required for the blogger. A blogger needs to have typing skills of more than sixty words per minute. The time required for making 800 words blog post is around 14 minute. Assuming that you are typing at the speed are 60 words per minute. More is the typing speed more will be the fluency in the blog posting.

Avoid Place that Distracts You

Distraction might be due to large traffic noise and many other things. Posting high-quality article requires lots of lucubration in the specific niche. These need to be considered. Unable to avoid the distraction prolongs the time to make the majestic blog post.

Relevance of Niche

Making the informative blog is not sufficient to attract the potential customer. The niche needs to be suitable for the targeted audience. If your blog is on nutrition and the blog post are the informative article in the sport. Then this does not induce fruitful traffic to the site. Further, the search engine penalizes the article without the relevance niche in the site.

Research in the Article

Before writing the article it is necessary to have the clear glimpse of an idea you are trying to convey in the blog post. While researching article it is highly recommended to read at least five article related to the blog post. Reading for at least 15 minutes before writing the blog post can provide the clear glimpse of ideas you are trying to convey. It is essential to have the clear outline before writing the blog post.

Research the Keyword of the Niche

This is vital to induce traffic to the site as search engine looks at the specific keyword before showing it in the search engine result. This is vital to attracting tons of traffic without using any paid means to drive the traffic to the site.

Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity

Making the long and lethargic blog post to drive the search engine traffic to the site is not the fruitful way to drive the traffic to the site. Using the inferior and lengthy article to drive the traffic can create lots of problems like the negative review.

Use the Spelling and free Grammar Checker

Using Microsoft world for typing can ease the spelling mistake. Using the plugin bottom like Grammarly can check the potential spelling error. This is vital for making the article attractive. Unnecessary spelling and grammar mistake makes the article inferior.


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