5 Surprising Facts About Dinosaurs

5 Surprising Facts About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are the large reptiles used to live in the earth 65.5 million of years ago. They have the massive size reaching up to 150 tons not larger than the blue whale that can attain more than 200 tons. They have remained as the apex predator from around 160 million years ago.

Being the reptile they use lays the eggs and recent evidence indicated that they use to incubate the egg. There is the strong contradiction among scientist on weather they are poikilothermic or homoeothermic. Some are small size merely attaining few kilogram when full maturity.

Discovery of the Archaeopteryx dinosaurs provides the missing link of the ancestor of birds. This dinosaur has the wing like the bird for flight and the beak like that of reptiles. Discovery of this fossil has given crystal clear image about the ancestor of the birds.

Facts about Dinosaurs are:

1. Cause of the mass extinction

Dinosaurs have extinct from the planet earth. The vestiges of the dinosaurs are found around the world. It is believed that shortage of food supply due to catastrophic event commonly regards to as Cretaceous- Tertiary Extinction event shortly known as K –T event, causes the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. It is commonly perceived among the scientific community that the catastrophic event is trigger by the volcano and the asteroid strike in the earth. The dust particle release from the event block the sun rays for prolong period of time leading to mass extinction of the dinosaurs due to the shortage of food supply. Some argue that intensive inferno caused by dazzling heat caused the mass extinction in short period of time.

Further, the species extinction is the natural process and often refers to as the background extinction. Long before human existence, the driving force of nature use to control the organisms on its way. Recently, due to human activities, the background extinction is getting accelerated.

2. Human ancestor and dinosaurs

Human origin is believed to be from two to six million years ago and the dinosaurs extinct at the 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs use to rule the earth long time back when the mammal’s evolution was rudimentary.

3. Dietary requirement

There are various types of dinosaurs some are carnivorous like the Spinosaurus dinosaurs, other are omnivorous like Othnielia and another one is herbivorous like the Titanosaurs dinosaurs.

4. Longest dinosaurs

The longest fossil record of the dinosaurs was found to be 40 meters and expected to attend the 60 meters long. 

5. Public attraction

Due to their large and weird size they have remains as the center of attraction to the public.

6. Uses

Dinosaur’s bone was used in several Chinese medicines as the remedy of several diseases. The dinosaurs bone was believed to be the dragon bone.



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