Surprising Facts About Nobel Prize

Surprising Facts About Nobel Prize

Alfred Noble who was the Swedish industrialist, engineer and the chemist born in 1933. The fund of 31 million Swedish Krona allocated by Alfred Nobel, funded Nobel Prize. It can be roughly estimated that the money, when converted to present time money, will be around 265 million USD. In 1895 Alfred Noble sign in Paris to allocated his fortune to the prize. He is well known for the invention of Dynamite in 1867, the dangerous explosive. Due to his noble invention, he has earned the significant amount of money at that time. He died in the year 1896 in Italy at the age of 63.

The Noble price is awarded by on the basis of three thousand nomination forms send to prominent academics of specific area by the Nobel committee at the September. On the basis of nomination form received up to the end of January from scholars the noble committee select three hundred potential winners. Finally, the winner is selected on the basis of majority vote. The price can be awarded up to three laureate with the maximum of two different works except for the noble peace prize.

Surprising facts

1. Multilingual Alfred Noble

Alfred Noble was fluent in speaking six languages they are Swedish, English, German, Italian, Russian and French.

2. Bachelor

He did not marry throughout his life that makes easy for him to pass the fortune to the Noble prize fund. The absence of offspring claim on the property makes easier to fund the noble prize.

3. Price Amount

The price amount is around 8 million SEK for a full Nobel Prize.

4. Years Without Prize

There are numbers of years in which the Noble prize was not awarded. Combining all together it become 49 times. Mostly the global turmoil like the world war and recession affect the distribution of the prize.

5. Youngest

The youngest to award the noble prize in 2014 was Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani activist for female education in piece category at the age of 17.

6. Oldest

The oldest one to award the noble prize was in 2007 to Leonid Hurwicz in Economic Science at the age of 90.

7. Declined prize

Jean-Paul Sartre and Le Duc To in the year 1964 and 1973 decline the noble prize in Literature and peace prize respectively.

8. Multiple prizes

An international committee of Red Cross has received noble prize three times.

9. First Noble prize

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was awarded for discovering X-ray in the year 1901 in physics.

10. Prize in Economic Sciences

The prize was established in the year 1968 when Swedish National bank celebrates 300 the anniversary and donate money to Nobel Foundation.


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