Tasmanian Devil: The Ultimate Endangered Species

Tasmanian Devil is the marsupial mammal found only in Tasmania, Australia. It has been wiped out from the mainland due to the introduction of the dingo in the mainland. They are called Devil due to the terrific sound produced by them during night. They are in the red list in The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and are placed in endangered categories.

Due to the steep decline in population due to various factors such as diseases like cancer they are on the verge of extinction. Due to this, they are receiving immense attention.

Information about the devil:

1. Nocturnal

They remain active during the night. They change den every one to three days. They are arboreal that means they can climb the tree and are an expert swimmer.

2. Gestation

Gestation of the Devil is short that is 21 days. It is estimated that up to 30 babies are born and have the immense competition in feeding and leave the pouches after 105 days and weighing merely 200 grams in weight.

3. Sexual maturity

Tasmania devil attains the sexual maturity at the age of two years.

4. Habitat

They are the generalized species and thieve everywhere away from the strong predators. The often-found in the forest, coastal bushes, etc.

5. Feeding

They are carnivorous and feed in the almost all the predators available in the surrounds. It is mostly observed that they feed in the carrion instead of hunting themselves.

6. Tail

They have the unique mechanism to store fat in the tail. A healthy individual obviously has robust tail.

7. Threats

Disease, road killing, killing by domestic dogs, wild fox, Low genetic diversity, etc. are the major threats of the Tasmania devil. The tumor in the devil is contagious and it is making the situation worse. Some time the hungry mature devil might eat up the young devil.

8. Speed

They have the lethargic speed reaching merely up to 13 kilometers per hour.

9. Sexual dimorphism

Males are larger than female. Male and female can weight up to 8 kilograms and 6 kilograms respectively.

10. Short life span

Devil has the shorter life span that is merely five years under wild condition. In the captive, they are noticed to have survived up to the age of seven years.

11. Solitary

Tasmania devil is solitary animal mostly spending life alone in the wild.


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