Mosquito The Greatest Enemy of the Human

 Mosquito The Greatest Enemy of the Human 

Mosquito is the most annoying creature flourishing in the warm climate. Mosquito is not found in cold places and in the winter season. Due to the number of diseases transferred by the mosquito presence of mosquito always is annoying. The mosquito has killed a number of people than total war combined.

It is estimated the mosquito are in the earth from 30 millions years ago. The female mosquito bits to obtained energy for egg laying. Male mosquito does not bit instead feeds on the nectar obtained from the plant. The mosquito has the complete metamorphosis that is egg changes to larva to pupa and to the Adult stage.

Some noticeable interesting facts of mosquito are:

1. Only female mosquito bite humans

Male mosquito relies on the nectar and juice from the flower for survival. Only female mosquito bites human

2. Cannot transmit HIV virus

Many obsolete literature point out the transmission of Human immune deficiency virus by the mosquito. Series of research up to present age debunked the notion.

3. Itching after mosquito bites

This is due to the human immune response to the antigens are also known as foreign substance introduce by the bite of the mosquito.

4. Mosquito flight

A mosquito can fly up to 7 miles. It is calculated that Asian tiger mosquito travels merely 300 feet. The mosquito has the speed of 1.5 miles per hour.

5. Mosquito habitat

Mosquitos live in plants mainly the grass, bush and any undisturbed substratum.

6. Mosquito breeding place

Mosquito breed in the stagnant water body of any size. Using the oil reduce the surface tension and makes difficult for the mosquito to stand in water thus preventing the population growth.

7. Life span of mosquito

Male mosquito lives shorter than the female mosquito. Male mosquito live for 10 days where as female mosquito lives up to 56 days.

8. Diversity

There are more than 3,500 species of mosquito more are waiting to be discovered.

9. Lacks teeth

The sucking of the blood from an animal is done with the help of long pointed mouthpart called proboscis. The proboscis is capable of penetration of the skin of animals for feeding blood.

10. Single 300

The female mosquito is capable of laying a large number of egg 300 at the stagnant water is in the single setting. It is estimated that female can lays eggs more than three times.


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