The Invincible Enemy of the Human: Mosquito

The Invincible Enemy of the Human: Mosquito

Mosquito is notorious for the spreading of the disease in the human beings. Mosquito account for the larger amount of human causality than any other organism on the earth.

The male mosquito does not bite the human beings. The female mosquito requires energy for laying egg hence require prolific energy for the reproduction. Due this disease get transmitted from the female mosquito.

Mosquito act as the vector for the spread of the disease and has the capacity to wipe the human from the earth.

A mosquito can spread the noisome pathogens that have the potential to trigger the extinction of the human species from earth.

Mosquito was the cause of malaria the deadly disease that has caused lots of noisome. Before the invention of the pesticides mosquito used to kills humans from the deadly disease named Malaria.

Due to excessive pesticide resistance capacity controlling mosquito is becoming difficult day by day. The pesticide resistance in the mosquito is considered serious health concern.

Due to the climate change, which is, cause warming of the earth and the mosquito is spreading at the alarming rate. This is the prime cause of concern for the adverse consequence.

Control of the Mosquito

1.     Stagnant Water

Stagnant water in and around the house need to adequately treated. Mosquito breeds in the stagnant water and spread rapidly.

Stagnant water can be treated with the oil that decreases the surface tension of the water. Due to less surface tension mosquito cannot breed in such place which and check the rapid spread of the mosquito.

2.     Mosquito Repellent

Smoke is the potent mosquito repellent. Smoke obtained from the un burn debris is the potent source of insect repellent.

Although the unburned smoke contains noisome gasses like the carbon monoxide and is not suitable for indoor use.

This practice is done mostly in the rural part of the world where there is the rife amount of mosquito population.

3.     Using Nets

Using nets during the night can prevent the mosquito bite during the nighttime. Mosquito having long legs cannot enter inside the fine messed net. This is the natural means to prevent the bite of the mosquito. Nets lack chemical, which is often, consider good practice.

4.     Wearing Clothes

Cloth needs to cover whole the body. This deters mosquito from biting the human beings.

5.     Open Space

Unwanted trees and shrubs around the house need to be cleared by using the mechanical means. It is essential to have smooth air movement to deter the mosquito.


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