The Mystery Behind the Milk Revelled

The Mystery Behind the Milk Revelled 

Milk can simply define as the liquid produced from the mammary gland of the mammals to nurse the infant. This is the distinguishing character of the mammals. The sole purpose of the milk is to nourish the infant during the early age.

Milk is widely consumed drink around the globe. There has been the strong debate on the advantage and disadvantage of the drinking milk. The widely used milk is from bovine and has lots of pros and cons. Milk is lush with protein and calcium that is vital for the normal functioning of the human body.

Human has been consuming milk from more than 9,000 BC. The domestication of cattle, goat, and sheep was done for this purpose. Milk commonly refers to as the cow milk that comprises of more than 85% of the production. Goat and sheep account for almost 15% of annual production whereas other such as camel, donkey, horse merely amounts for less than 5% of the production.

Opponents of the drinking milk claim that human body cannot digest the sugar named Lactose in the milk. As the adult lack the enzyme lactase which creates lots of noisome due to the inability of the body to digest the Lactose in the milk. Due to this lactose-free milk such as almond, soy, coconut, rice, etc. from plant source are gaining immense popularity. The milk from the plant sources is free from lactose and cholesterol.

Despite all the benefit and harm of the milk, the consumption of the milk and milk product has increased significantly. It is estimated that per capita consumption of milk is higher than 100 liters in a single year.

Milk facts

1. Benefit of Drinking Milk

The cow's milk can be regarded as the good source of calcium, which is vital for every age group, Further, Vitamin K, Magnesium, strontium in the milk can yield the better result. An opponent of the milk claims that higher rate of osteoporosis is from those countries which have higher milk consumption. The benefit of potassium from the milk cannot be underestimated. It is estimated that potassium in the milk helps to regulate the blood pressure. Potassium is also found in Avocado, Banana higher than that of milk.

2. Disease

Various zoonotic diseases can spread when the milk is consumed without pasteurization. Pasteurization is the process in which milk is heated for short period of time are cold at the rapid rate. The heating process can decrease the nutritional value of the Milk. It can be of serious health concern if the pregnant women consume the unpasteurized milk.

The man who consumes high amount of milk in the daily basis is likely to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. A woman tends to have less suffering from disease then man. A disease that of prostate cancer, Crohn’s, Hirschsprung’s is related to eating of the dairy products.

3. Protein

Human milk contains 1.1% proteins whereas the cow milk content 3.2% of protein. The percentage of protein differs in different types of milk.

4. Animal Right

Due to the immediate separation of the calf from the mother and even killing of the male calf immediately after the birth is the cause of the massive criticism of dairy farm industry. Inhuman treatment of dairy cattle is also the cause of rife public criticism.


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