The Rabies Info

The Rabies Info

Rabies is the viral infection caused by the bite of the infected mammals. This was the scariest infection in the past. Due to the absence of the treatment methods and medication occurrence of this disease marks the havoc. Since the infection of the virus takes place in the brain there arises a lot of noisome effects in the body.

People have been domesticating dog for more than thirty-six thousand years ago and rabies is around us from the long time back.

Despite the availability of the treatment measure to cure rabies, it is the cause of hundreds of thousands of mortality per year especially in Africa and Asia.

Incubation day

This is the period of getting the virus and occurrence of the symptoms in the body. It can vary from one to three months.


Hydrophobia tends to avoid water, fever, insomnia, cognitive disorder, hyper and hypoactive. The occurrence of the symptoms marks the fatal stage of the Rabies with high mortality rate (1). Death usually occurs between 2 to 10 days after getting the symptoms.

Mode of transmission

This is commonly transmitted by the bite of dogs and bat that account for the majority of infection. It is transmitted into the bloodstream by the bite of infected animals through the saliva. Other methods of transmission include the organ transplant from the infected person.


Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux developed the vaccine for the Rabies in 1885 (2). After this marvelous invention, the mortality of the Rabies has steeply declined.


Treatment is carried out within 10 days of the infection. It is advised to wash the wound from the bite of the infected animal at least five minutes to decrease the viral particles.

Precaution and Prevention

The major cause of the Rabies transmission is from the dog. The dog should be vaccinated against rabies virus. The domestic dog should keep away from the feral dog to avoid the infection. The person in the rabies prone area needs to vaccinate early to prevent the infection. The stray dog needs to be managed inadequate manner to avoid possible infection.

Rabies is the disease often refers to as the disease of poor and vulnerable. It is mainly observed in the area where the vaccine and treatment are not available. Further, due to the superstitious belief infected patient visit the witch doctors instead of modern hospitals that make the condition even worse. A patient arriving in the hospital after the symptoms have occurred is almost difficult to treat and has the higher mortality rate. This is the prime cause of mortality in the rural part of the world the due to Rabies.


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