Tomato: The World’s Healthiest food

Tomato: The World’s Healthiest Food

Tomato is the edible red fruit widely consumed across the growth. A tomato plant can be annual or the perennial it depends on the climate where they thrive. They are highly sensitive to frost and optimum production is not obtained in the place susceptible to the frost. The plant can grow up to the height of one to three meters depending upon the species variety selected. Due to its appealing taste, it is widely consumed in raw as well as cooked. This food is believed to be spread from Mexico to different parts of the world. Our ancestor considered the red, shiny fruit as the deadly fruit. Due to the red color human start consuming tomato recently.

Present hybrid varieties of the tomato are genetically modified. The wild variety found are of small size and are of sharp taste. Due to the low content of fructose than other fruits, it is among the widely consumed fruit around the globe. Due to their acidic nature due to the citric acid preservation of tomato is ease.

It often recommends avoiding the aluminum cookware to avoid the unwanted reaction. The acid in the tomato reacts with the Aluminum and the taste and the health benefit decreases drastically.

Interesting Information about the Tomato

1. Nutrition

The majority of Luscious fruit the tomato comprise of the water that is water account for 95% by volume of the tomato. Less than one percent is protein and fat and around four percent carbohydrate. The innate micronutrient like Potassium, phosphorous, Magnesium and manganese drastically increases the nutritional value. Due to the high nutritional value and appealing taste tomato has remained as one of the cheap ingredients in the modern culinary manual. The adequate nutritional benefit can be obtained when the tomato is consumed with the fat like the Avogadro, olive oil that drastically increases the absorption power.

2. Cancer

Researchers have found the decrease in the prostate cancer, Breast cancer, in the man due to regular consumption of the Tomato.

3. Flavonoid antioxidant

This has the ability to protect the eye from the damaging effects of the Ultraviolet radiation.

4. Lycopene

This is the chemical believed to have the beneficial effect in the osteoporosis. This is also considered as the potent antioxidant.

5. Weight loss

Moderate tomato consumption can be beneficial for anyone wishing to lose the weight in the body. Due to low in calorie and high nutritional content, this proves a good alternative to high calories diet available.

6. Depression

The innate folic acid in the tomato can be effective in the combat of the Depression.

7. Vitamin C

This vitamin has lot of beneficial function including the combat of the ageing process and strengthens the immune system. The damage of the free radical to the cell is prevented by the Vitamin C.


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