Truffle: The Most Expensive Food in the World

Truffles are the high price food and are the ectomycorrhizal fungi found in Asia, Europe North America, and North Africa. The natural dispersal mediums of the truffles are the animal that feeds on fungi. Due to its good taste gourmand usually, recommend them in lavishness items. People have been consuming truffle long time back. Truffle extraction business is the very lucrative business and dogs and pig are used to excavate the hidden truffle.

There is the symbiotic relation between the trees and truffle tree acts as the host as it provides glucose to the truffle. Tree like the oak, poplar, beech, etc. is the suitable host of the truffle. The fungus, in turn, provides the essential nutrient extracted from the soil to the tree. Wild truffles are of the great quality than the cultivated truffles.

There are various types of truffle some are black, white and varied color. Black truffle is considered as the most price truffle. The shape and size of the truffle vary from small as walnut and round to irregular shape. The harvesting is often done in May and September. Due to the noisome smell and expensive, it is often used sparingly in the kitchen. The noisome smell is due to the growth of big underground tuber.

Truffle facts:

1. Reason for the Skyrocketing Price

They are highly expensive because the collection of truffle in wild is absolutely difficult. Further, due to specialized niche of the truffle, it is extensively difficult to farm them commercially. The extraction of the truffle needs to be done with the help of the trained dog and the female pig. It is risky to use the pig to extract the truffle as they might eat up the extracted truffle. So, using a trained dog can be beneficial. Unlike other types of fungi, they live inside the tree roots. This makes extremely difficult to extract them.

2. Soil requirement

Generally, the pH with 7.9 is suitable for the truffle cultivation. As truffle growth retards at the acidic pH. Adding the lime in the soil in the recommendation from the expert can neutralize acidic soil. The plantation of the truffle needs to be done with the guidance of the expert.

3. Commercial production of truffle

Once the truffle is well placed in the root, which has the fungus innate in it. It can produce the truffle for more than 80 years. This is the very lucrative plantation giving the high return on investment. There is the need of doing the farming under the guidance of the expert in order to have adequate income. Usually, the tree has planted a distance and the fungi are added to the root. Truffle appears after four years depending on the climate.


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