Umbrella is the vital device and is the essential part of the human life. The primary purpose of an umbrella is to protect from the dazzling sunlight and from the rain. Umbrella comes in various sizes, color and design meant for varied of purpose. The collapsible umbrella was first believed to manufacture in the first century in china. Although, the non-collapsible umbrella has been around us for the long time back. Umbrella has rapidly evolved from the past as uses of wax make a good waterproof material.

Umbrella has the strong attachment to human society and widely used in religion, arts, special occasion etc.

Technological advancement has the huge impact in the umbrella. There is the technically savvy umbrella that can vibrate before the rain occurs. There are several types of research to develop resistance umbrella like storm resistance.

Categories of umbrella

Umbrella can be broadly classified into two types one is collapsible and other is non-collapsible. The collapsible umbrella can be bend to the desired size and can be put in the handbag. Non-collapsible umbrella the rigid middle pole cannot be collapse into small size.

Largest umbrella

The gulf umbrellas are considered as the largest umbrella with the diameter of 157 centimeters.

As a weapon of attack

Umbrella has been used as the weapon of attack and which sometimes result in the fatality.


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