Unjustified High Price of Elephant Tusk

Unjustified High Price of Elephant Tusk 

The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammals mostly abundant in the hot and humid climate. There is the elephant that thrives in the extreme cold placed called the mammoth. Mammoths are also known as hairy elephant due to the hairs on the body. An elephant can weigh up to 7,000kg and attain the height of 4meters.

The elephant has the poor sense of vision and the good sense of smell. Due to this nature elephant remains active during the night. Due to the low-quality protein in the herbivorous diet. elephant forage more than eighteen hours per day to meet the nutrition requirement of the body.

There are two types of elephant species around the globe they are the Asian and the African elephant. The two species can be clearly distinguished by the external feature and the tusk. The African elephant has the larger ears, a concave back, and two fingers like extensions in the tusk. Whereas the Asian elephant has the level back, small ears, one extension at the tip of the tusk.

Tusk of the elephant are the second incisor teeth.  These are present in both the male and female African elephant. Whereas in Asian elephant the tusk is present only in the Male and in some case it is virtually absent in Male. The reason for the population decline of the elephant is for their tusk. Before the invention of the plastic the white color of the tusk was used in several items include the Scottish bagpipes, Piano keys.

Elephant tusk is valuable due to following reason:


Due to the attractive white color of the tusks, it was used to fill the whites of eyes for statues. The tusk where precisely carved and placed for aesthetic value. The products of the tusk are often considered as the symbol of luxury.

Billiards Balls

Billiards balls are the balls commonly used in the sports. Traditionally manufacturing of the billiards balls is made from tusks.

Piano Keys

In past, the piano keys were used to make from the ivory obtained from the elephant tusks. This is due to the innate nature of absorbing adequate moisture.

Wide Range of Ornamental Items

A wide range of ornamental items like the necklace, brooches, Earrings, etc., was made from the Elephant tusk was widely used in the past. It is still considered of great market value.

Chinese Medicine

Various Chinese medicines use the elephant tusk as the major incident for the remedy of disease.


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