Various Aspects of Firecracker

Various Aspects of Firecracker

This is the small explosive device meant to produce large sound with the flash of light and huge smoke. Firecracker is made by placing the explosive compound in the paper or any foolproof container. Exploding the cracker of different types marks any remarkable event. Firecracker has become an integral part of our culture from the long time back.

Firecracker is mostly used during the beginning of New year, Halloween, independence day occasion, festivals of the Hindu like Diwali in India, Chinese new year, wedding. Firecrackers are the inevitable part of any merrymaking process. Firecrackers look majestic from distance observation so it is to observed from the distance.

Due to huge sound, light and smoke liberated in short duration of time firecracker can have the detrimental effect on the health of humans. There is strict law in various countries to governs firecrackers. Manufacturing, Distribution, Selling of the firecrackers requires the special permit. Despite the ban on firecrackers by several government tons of firecrackers smuggle in the various country every year and result in lots of health hazard and economic loss around the globe.


The firecrackers were originated in china in 200 BC and were used to scare off the evil spirit. Usually, the bamboo was intensively used in the manufacturing of firecracker. It was filled with the gunpowder to obtained desired firecrackers.


If not used with great caution firecracker can cause massive injury to human body. Sensitive organ of the body like the eye, the eardrum can be adversely affected. If the children play with the firecrackers without the adequate guidance of the elder then the health hazard increases drastically.

Air Pollution

Due to the release of the noxious gasses from the firecrackers air pollution occurs. Many noxious gasses like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Particle matter of varied sizes are emitted during cracking. The mass emission of harmful gasses in short duration causes the adverse effect to the health of biota.

Noise Pollution

Depending on the size of firecrackers the level of noise pollution varies. The noise level above 150 Decibels causes the eardrum to rupture. The eardrum is located inside the ear and is the vital part of the hearing process.  Damage to eardrum can result in the permanent loss of hearing power.


Manufacturing of the firecrackers must be done following standard procedure to avoid any possible casualty. The elder member must guide the younger one during cracking at home during several events. Firecrackers need to place at the appropriate distance. Wearing the flammable cloth during cracking needs to be avoided. One should not practice fire cracking in the hand of any kind. In the case of injury, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention.


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