Viral marketing ideas

Viral marketing ideas

Viral marketing can simply be defined as the passing of information in rapid ways. It applies several tricks and tactic to reach to the generalized audiences. Due to the massive exposure, it is believed to be the effective strategy for the one who wants to have the instant result.

Due to massive competition in the viral marketing almost everyone post in the social media with the thousands of follower. This necessitates the need of the updated information about the viral marketing time. Almost all the person uses the widely popular strategy in this business.

Due to the constant evolving of the technology, the search engine is in the process of constant change. These necessitate the research on the own on how to get wanted visitors to the site.

Impact in Search Engine Optimization

Viral marketing can have both the positive and negative impact in the search engine optimization. This can be often beneficial and devastating to the business. It depends on the ways the tactics are often applied.

The most potential part of the search engine is that it considers the user experience. Longer the users stay in the site positive will be the signal to the search engine. The shorter the duration of the stay negative will be the impression to the search engine.

Targeted advertisement by researching the relevant niche will make the user stay for the longer duration in the web page. Untargeted promotion can lead the users to left the page immediately impacting in the search engine optimization.

Using the search engine triggering words and phrase, attractive and lucid designs, high-quality content, killer heading, high-quality image, etc. can boost the time spent by the visitors.

Social media

The targeted followers in the social media like that in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, flip board, etc. can be the gold mine if used wisely. Investing time and money in building untargeted followers damage the reputation. Further, the Google plus group can be best for sharing information as the Google analytics shows the data from the Google plus to be the organic one.


Infographics are great to induce the traffic to the site. Combining several picture and short headings can easily be majestic infographics. Further, one can make the majestic infographic oneself by using the Microsoft power or variety of other software available. The advantage of the infographic is that it is aesthetically alluring and helps the users to stay longer on the site.

Long Tail Keyword

Using the targeted keyword is vital. Unnecessary use of the keyword can trigger the bad user experience making the visitor left the site faster. Yes, the untargeted keyword can bring traffic to the site at the beginning but the site gets demoted due to bad user experience signal received by the search engine.


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