Volcano the Essential Natural Phenomenon

Volcano the Essential Natural Phenomenon 

The volcano is the uncommon natural hazard observed by the release of the hot lava, gasses, and volcanic ash from the inner part of the earth. Due to extreme heat and release of dust from the volcano eruption the volcano can cause both the short and long term effects. Due to massive heat from the volcano, almost all the materials in the way of the hot larva get destroyed by burning.  The temperature of the larva can rise from 1,250-degree centigrade.

Volcano Facts are briefly listed below:

1. Cause of Volcano

Due to the continuous shift of the plate tectonics the crevasse occurs in the plate tectonics boundary can make the suitable medium for the escape of the hot magma. Earth consists of the outer part called the crust, which is suitable for almost all organisms to thrive. Just beneath the crust there lies the mantle and below the mantle there lies the core. The outer core is hot and in liquid form. Due to immense pressure and high temperate in the inner core, the particles innate in it get solidify.

2. Classification

The volcano is classified into three types they are active, inactive and extinct. Those volcano’s which continuously occurs are the active volcano. It is estimated that more than nineteen hundred volcanoes in the earth are active. Those who have occurred in past and stopped at present time are called the inactive and sometimes coined as the dormant volcano. Any volcano that has not been occurring in the historical time is called the extinct volcano.

3. Benefit of the Volcano

The volcano is the natural process by which the biogeochemical cycles get balanced. Water vapor which gets continuously escape from the earth gets replenished by the volcanic eruption.  Further, the natural cycles like the Nitrogen cycle are balanced by the volcanic eruption. This clearly emphasized the importance of eruption of the volcano to various life forms.

4. Noisome Effect

Gasses released from the volcano can cause the acid rain. Mudflows from the massive volcano can bury the whole town. Chronic health impacts such as varied lungs disease occur in the place of volcano occurrence. Dust particle releases from the volcano are often blamed for damage of blade of the jet engine.

Further, due to the release of huge amount of dust the earth temperature can decrease due to the blocking of the sun rays depending upon the amount of dust released.

5. Prediction of Volcano

Volcanologist can predict the volcanic eruption by using multiple parameters like the installation of device, understanding of the history and continuous monitor in the place where volcano is active.


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