Water Malone: 9 Amazing Health Benefit

Water Malone: 9 Amazing Health Benefit

Watermelon is the tropical Vine-like flowering plant, which is believed to have originated from Kalahari Desert Africa. The cultivation of the watermelon was estimated to be from more than five thousand years ago. Due to the aesthetic profound nature, they have been widely used in decorating the table.  

Watermelons are the most popular fruit around the globe. It has more than ninety-two percent of water, which is vital for the organism in the earth. Wild varieties of the watermelon have numerous seeds. The seedless varieties of the watermelon are the hybrid variety produced by Genetic modification.

Moderate consumption of the watermelon produce beneficial effect it is not advice to consume in large amount daily due to several unwanted problems like that of the Nausea, vomiting, Diarrhea, bloating, etc. arises due to lycopene and potassium innate in it.  

Heath benefit of watermelon:

1. Antioxidant

Watermelon acts as the strong antioxidant prevent the damage to the cell for the free radical damage. Free radical is the metabolic byproduct and considered as the potent cause of aging.

2. Seeds

Seed are lush with the micronutrient like the Iron, potassium, sodium, Zinc, etc. which are essential to mention the vigorous growth of the human body. A seed present inside the watermelon serves various beneficial effects to human health. The beneficial effects are the lowering of the blood pressure, increases the carbohydrate metabolism in the human body.

3. Lycopene

Lycopene being the phytonutrient can have the beneficial effect in the human heart, bone. There has been an evidence of the relation with decreasing cancer like that of the prostate due to the Lycopene content in the watermelon.

4. Alkaline

When the watermelon is fully ripened they have the beneficial effect of alkaline forming inside the body. Human blood is alkaline and most of our food intake is acidic causing the alteration of the pH of the blood.  

5. Vision

Due to the content of vitamin A, which is required for making the pigment in the eye. The consumption of the watermelon can prevent the Night blindness.

6. Hair and skin

Due to the presence of vitamin, A healthy hair can be obtained. This is due to the increase in moisturization due to the consumption of the vitamin A.

7. Body fat

He innate chemical named the Citrulline in the watermelon prevents the fat cell to get deposed in the body.

8. Kidney

Urine flow is increased by consuming the watermelon. It also helps in removing ammonia from the liver.

9. Hydration

Due to the higher amount of water content in it consuming watermelon helps to stay hydrated.


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