Why Animals Hibernate?

Why Animals Hibernate?

Hibernation is the process of remaining dormant in winter to protect from the harsh environmental condition. This is typically the characteristic feature of the lower organism. Some higher organisms including mammals remain Dorman during part of life to protect themselves from the unfavorable climatic condition.

An organism that has the capacity to maintain the constant inner temperature is the characteristic of the higher organism like Mammals. Mammals lost the heat in the form of sweat and produce heart in the form of shivering. Due to this nature mammals are found is almost all part of the world. This type of organism is called the homoeothermic.

An organism that cannot maintain inner temperature is called the poikilothermic animal. This is the organism that needs to be active at optimum temperature when the temperature become extreme it will be necessary to remain dormant. Such organism needs to slow down the metabolic rate during the dormant stage this is the vital part for the survival of the species.


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