Yeti: The Unidentified Creature of Higher Himalayas

Yeti: The Unidentified Creature of Higher Himalayas 

Yeti is the mythical creation believed to thrive in the higher Himalayan area. Yeti is also known as Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Yowie, Yeren, etc. The different culture around the globe uses the different name to represent Yeti.  It is legendary, as no one has proved its existence.

Where does yeti exist?

Yeti exist in the Flock Lorie in the community adjoining to the Himalayas of countries like Nepal, Bhutan, India, China, Pakistan, magnolia, Russia, etc.

The widely use figure

The widely use figure of bear like apes with the white hair around the body is the assumption by the artist.


It is commonly perceived that Yeti is Omnivorous. This implies that Yeti can eat almost everything edibles found around.

Yeti Skull

The skull believed to be that of Yeti is located in the Khumjung Monastery, Nepal. Khumjung village is located inside the Sagarmatha National Park at the lap of world highest peak The Mount Everest.  

There has been scientific research in this skull to reveal the elusive nature of Yeti. Rigorous Snowman expedition in 1954 carried out by Daily Mail indicated the skull towards the hoofed animals instead of the bear. The hair sample from the skull was analyzed to find the evidence. The hair sample was analyzed by the Professor Frederic Wood Jones, the renowned researchers of the human and comparative anatomy (1).

Various others researchers point the skull located in the monastery towards goat. The skull is claimed to have been manufactured from the goat-like Himalayan antelope named Serow.

Expedition on Yeti Finding

There is a number of the expedition to find out the elusive species. Not the single research has pointed the sighting of the Yeti. Due to this, the belief that Yeti exist in the Himalaya is declining.

Sighting of the Yeti

Several mountaineers claiming higher mountains, especially of the Himalayas, has claimed to have seen the footprint of the mythical creature.


Yeti is highly popular in the amusement industry. There are many films, theaters, video games, uses the Yeti. Further, Yeti has also been depicted in the postal stamp.

Elusive Nature

The unjustified sighting revealed that Yeti live in the remote and inaccessible area of the mountains. The availability of food sources in the remote part can be of great question.

What is Yeti?

Yeti is the creature exists in the flock Lorie around the globe. 

The Yeti is the endangered brown bear that has the ability to walk upright (2).

For me, Yeti is the extraterrestrial alien venturing in tranquil Himalaya during the scant period of time perhaps in vacation.


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