Zika Virus Exposure Affect Baby

Zika Virus is the deadly virus that causes Goosebumps to the public at the time of occurrence. This virus is spread by the bite of the mosquito infected by the virus. 

The Aedes species of the mosquito is believed to responsible for the spread of the disease and this mosquito mainly bites during the daytime. Except for female Aedes mosquito, there are other mosquito species that can transmit the disease.

This disease was localized in the trophic in past but due to the spread of mosquito in the colder places, this is causing panic around the globe. Infection of the virus is relatively old that is the first case of the infection occurs in 1952 in Uganda (1).

This virus is of serious concern as the infection of this virus causes the birth defects in the pregnant women. Infection of this virus causes hindrance in the development of head causing severe long-term effects. Due to the absence of the vaccine to prevent the infection of the disease occurrence of this disease marks the panic situation.


Infection mainly is obtained during the bite of the female Aedes mosquito. Infection can be acquired by the blood transfusion and during the sexual intercourse. Thought the transmission of this virus commonly takes place in monkey and has the mosquito-monkey-mosquito cycle.


Symptoms include the muscular rash, headache, red eye, joint pain, and fever (2).

Birth Defect

The most serious concern of the infection is that Microcephaly, this is the several deformations of the brain. This is the condition in which the head do not develop normally resulted into smaller head leading to poor performance in the future.


The diagnosis is carried out by examining the virus RNA, blood, urine, and saliva (2)


There is no precise treatment available for the treatment of the Zika virus. Paracetamol is given mainly to ease the fever. Most case of the infection does not require hospitalization.


This is the disease transmitted by the bite of the mosquito in the tropics. An integrated mosquito controlled mechanism like the mass killing of mosquito by the pesticides, insect repellent in the room, mosquito repellant location in the skin, wearing the cloth that covers whole the body while staying outdoor, dumping stagnant water if any can be effective. The pregnant women are strongly advised not to travel in the infected area.


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