10 Fun Facts About Radish

Radish is the widely consumed vegetable around the globe. The reason for the immense popularity of the radish is due to ease in farming followed by the content of the adequate amount of the nutrition required for the human body.

Due to several health benefits upon the consumption of the radish, it was cultivated from the long time back.

All the part of the radish plant is edible the tender leaves has higher cleansing power than the root.

Health Benefits of Radish

1. Constipation

Due to the innate goodness of the fiber supported by the adequate amount of the water in the radish. Consumption of the radish helps to facilitate the adequate movement of bowel.

Constipation can be of great noisome due to several unwanted effects upon the consumption.

2. Cholesterol

Consumption of the radish is claimed to lower the level of the cholesterol in the blood. The optimum mentioning of the cholesterol is vital for the normal health.

3. Asthma

Due to the innate vitamin C which is effective in the combat against asthma. Consumption of the radish is believed to minimize the occurrence of asthma.

4. Cancer

The goodness of the antioxidants present in the radish is effective in preventing cancer occurring in the various part of the body.

Cancer can create noisome due to its dangerous nature.

5. Hemorrhoid

Radish consumption is associated with the reduction in the occurrence of hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid is marked by the pain during the defecation.

Consumption of the radish erases constipation, which is beneficial in combat against the hemorrhoids.

6. Diabetes

Radish is low in carbohydrate, which is beneficial for the one suffering from diabetes.
Further, the low glycemic index of the radish is claimed to be beneficial for the maintenance of the glucose level in the blood.

7. Heart

The adequate amount of the potassium present in the radish is beneficial in the adequate functioning of the heart.

Further, the reduction of the cholesterol is beneficial for the heart health.

8. Liver

Due to the lowering of the cholesterol and various beneficial effect in the body. Consumption of the radish is beneficial to obtain the healthy liver.

9. Stone

The occurrence of the stone in the kidney can be minimized by the intake of the radish. Radish being diuretic is beneficial in cleansing the kidney.

10. Skin

The goodness of the innate nutrient combined with the various antioxidant the consumption of the radish is beneficial in obtaining the healthy skin.


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