10 Health Benefits of Raw Ginger

10 Health Benefits of Raw Ginger

Ginger is the perennial plant whose rhizome is of great value. Ginger is widely used as the medicine and it is used as the condiment in different spices. People have been growing ginger long time ago. There is no wild variety of ginger found in the world. India being the world largest producer and exporter of the ginger followed by China and Nepal respectively.

Due to the lush with nutrition ginger has been used as the healthy diet. Ginger is planted in summer and harvested in winter. It normally requires three to six month for the rhizome to form below the ground. The rhizome is extracted from the ground and cleaned with water before consumption. Due to high medicinal value trader’s exported ginger to Europe from India in the first century.  

Ginger Health Benefits are Summarized Below:

1. Common Cold

Traditionally ginger is used as the potent remedy for the common cold. Due to its hot nature, it can produce the significant amount of heat, which is beneficial for the one suffering from common cold. Fresh ginger has the potential effect of the remedy of viral diseases. Ginger combined with honey can have the synergetic effect on the combat of common cold.

2. Sore Throat

Due to the ability to boost the immune system ginger is effective in the cleansing of the lymphatic system. Ginger prevents the accumulation of toxic preventing sore throat.

3. Improve Brain Function

The combination of bioactive compound and antioxidant can improve brain function during the dotage. The researcher claimed that it is effect in the combat of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Prevent Cancer

The Chemical found in the ginger also known as 6-Gingerol is effect in preventing cancer. Cancer like ovarian cancer can be prevented from Ginger consumption.

5. Morning Sickness

Consumption of moderate amount of ginger helps in the curing of the morning sickens. Consumption of ginger tea can be best for the combat of nausea and vomiting.

6. Lower Blood Sugar

The Gingerol present in the ginger increase the insulin sensitivity in the human body.

7. Facilitate Digestion of Food

Consumption of moderate amount of raw ginger facilitates the gastric emptying. Due to the high amount of fiber consumption of ginger helps in the combat of constipation.

8. Lower Blood Pressure

Due to the lowering of bad cholesterol in the body blood pressure can decrease significantly. 

9. Ulcer

Ginger has higher potential to cure ulcer than most available drugs. Regular consumption of raw ginger has the beneficial effect of curing the ulcer.

10. Bacterial and Fungal Infection

Ginger has the capacity to combat bacterial and fungal infection.


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