10 Homemade Dandruff Treatment

White or gray flakes on the skin of scalp are known as dandruff. In simpler world dandruff is the shading of dead skin of the scalp. The common symptom of the dandruff is intensive itching. It can create a lot of noisome due to severe itching. A person suffering from dandruff lacks social stamina leading to unwanted consequence. This is the prime reason why the occurrence of dandruff is of great concern.

Almost half of the population is affected by dandruff. The occurrence of dandruff is found to be higher in the twenties and thirds age group. After, the thirties the occurrence of dandruff gets the decline. Further, occurring of dandruff is intensified during the winter season.

There is some bacterial and fungal disease followed by the decrease in the immune system can also be associated with chronic dandruff. It is strongly recommended to visit the dermatologist to have an adequate cure in specific cases.

Common Home Made Dandruff Treatment areSummarized Below:

1. Lemon Juice

Application of one complete lemon juice in scalp helps in easing dandruff. It is essential to dilute lemon juice with the cup of water in order to get the adequate result. The Low pH in the lemon juice can be effective in the combat of dandruff in hair.

2. Egg

Applying egg yolk can wipe up dandruff from the scalp. It is essential to thoroughly rinse the hair after applying the egg on the scalp.

3. Coal Tar

Application of coal tar can wipe out dandruff entirely.

4. Table Salt

Application of table salt is effective in the combat of dandruff in hair. Massaging the scalp after the application of table salt can produce the beneficial result. It is essential to thoroughly rinse the scalp after completing the procedure.

5. Coconut Oil

People have been using coconut oil long time back due to its multiple benefits. Further, the coconut oil is natural and after the application of coconut oil followed by the gentle message yields beneficial result.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is the effect to ease dandruff from the scalp. Application of yogurt in hair and lifting it for around one hour and rinsing it thoroughly can have the beneficial effect.

7. Neem

Application of neem leaves paste can ease dandruff. This is effective when left for ten minutes and washing thoroughly.

8. Mehndi

This can have the potent effect of the remedy of dandruff. It is essential to left mehndi power in water for eight hours and thoroughly applied in the hair. After, lifting for 2 hours it needs to be washed thoroughly.

9. Orange Peel

Skin of the orange has multiple benefits in the skin aliments. Applying orange skin paste in the scalp and lifting for half and hour and thoroughly rinsing helps in removal of dandruff.

10. Baking Soda

Applying backing soda in the wet hair and washing hair after one minute can abolish dandruff.


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