10 Interesting Facts About Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus is the herbivorous mammals thieving in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also known as sea horse in Greeks. It is the third largest terrestrial mammals on the earth after the elephant and the rhinoceros. They are mostly found in submerged in water or mud most of the time.

Hippopotamus has the longer life span. They are observed to have reached the age up to 50 years in wild. While in the captive stage they live longer that are 61 years of age. Every day they forage around four to five hours and consume around 70 kg grass. The weight of the hippopotamus can range from 3,629 kilograms and there is an estimated one and half lakhs population of the hippopotamus in the world and the population is in steep decline.

Interesting Facts of the Hippopotamus are Summarized Below:

1. Speed

Despite the sluggish body, they are capable of running at the speed of thirty kilometers in one hour. This is the peculiar feature of the hippopotamus.

2. Omnivorous

Unlike elephant which feeds entirely on the plant. The hippopotamus is occasionally observed to be devouring the carcass. Though the stomach of the hippopotamus is not suitable for meat consumption occasional starvation seems to drive this uncommon behavior.

3. Expose Eye, Ear, and Nostril

While submerging in the water they can only be noticed by their exposure of eye, ear, and nostril. This makes them cautious on the changing environment. They spend about sixteen minutes submerge in water. The adult hippopotamus needs to resurface frequently that is once every five minutes to breath.

4. Pachyderm

This term is applied to thick skin animal. The skin of the hippopotamus is around six centimeters in thickness.

5. Jumping

Hippopotamus has the lost the capacity to jump.

6. Teeth

The teeth of the hippopotamus are widely noticed by observers. The canine and incisor teeth can measure up to 50 Centimeter and 40 centimeters respectively.

7. Not Good Swimmer

Despite the majority of time is spending in water hippopotamus is not considered as the good swimmer.

8. Territorial

Male are extremely territorial and defense the 250-meter of the river containing 10 females. They mark the territory by feces. They are only territorial inside the water. Lifting the water marks the end of the territory.

9. Sweat Blood

While basking in the sun hippopotamus secrete the oily red substance, which is commonly perceived as sweat blood. This secretion is claimed to be protective against unwanted germ.

10. Extremely Provocative

The hippopotamus is extremely provocative and can attack the intruder without warning. This makes essential to mention the certain distance between them.


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