10 Majestic Facts About Jackal

10 Majestic Facts About Jackal

Jackals are the medium size omnivorous wild animal found in Eurasia and Africa. Jackals are often symbolism as the clever and cunning animals. There are popular in the fables around the globe. Jackals are expected to live around 12 years.

Solitary Jackal is usually noticed following the larger carnivorous under the wild condition. They cause huge noisome to larger mammals due to the creation of alarm call after the kill has made.

Interesting Facts About Jackal

1. Species

There are three species of jackal the most popular one is the Golden jackal that is found in Eurasia and is the heaviest jackal of all. Golden jackal is related to the gray wolf and the coyote (1). Black-backed jackal is the lighter jackal and highly aggressive and is found in Africa. The site striped jackal is the jackal mostly found in Africa and consider as least aggressive jackal of all.

2. Weight, Height, and Length

Weight, height, and length vary with different species and the weight can go up to 15 kilograms, the height can grow up to 50 centimeters and length can be up to 86 centimeters.

3. Diet

Depending upon the season the diet of the jackal varies. They like to eat any type of seasonal fruits, roots, amphibian, reptiles, and birds and mammals available.

4. Speed

They are noticed for the constant speed of 16 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed is recorded to be 65 kilometers per hour.

5. Hunting

Jackals mostly hunt in the pairs or in the pack. Generally, the pack can crack down the large ungulates like deer. In south East Asia jackal expelled from the group is found to be making the commensal relation with the Tiger.

6. Burrows

Jackals dig the burrow both the male and female involves in digging the burrow. The location of the burrow varies it can be in the thick shrubs, under the fallen tree, river bank and estimated to be around 3 meters long.

7. Gestation Period

The gestation varies with the species is around 70 days. An average of 4 pups is born at a time. The nursing period lasts up to 90 days. The site of the den is changed frequently around 15 days while raising the pups.

8. Horn of the Jackal

The Horney growth of the Jackal in the head is often believed to have supernatural power and widely used in Necromancy. The horn is covered by fur and is half an inch long (2).

9. Territory

Jackal marks the territory and the territory can grow up to 4 square kilometers. Both the male and female member of the group marks the territory.

10. Predator

The natural predators of the Jackals are any large carnivorous thieving in their habitat. Hyena, leopard, Tiger, eagles etc., are their main natural predator. Eagles are highly noticed for killing the pups of the Jackal.


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