10 Majestic Facts About Pythons Snakes

Python is the world's largest snake found in the wet and tropical climate of Asia, Australia, and Africa. Python receives the immense public attention due to its enormous size. Python is larger and heavier than commonly perceived snake the Anaconda. It is the non-poisonous snake and feeds on the prey by suffocating it. The killing of the prey is done by the constricting the animal. Swallowing is done after the prey is dead. The ability to swim in water and climb the tree drastically increases the survival skills.

It is non-native species of the united state so obviously, it is the invasive species. Rapid spread due to abundant food supply by remaining as the top predator in Noble environment is creating a havoc.

Facts About Python Snake:

1. Lifespan

Python has the amazing life span that is 25 years in wild and in captive lifespan drastically increases and has been found to be 35 years.

2. Speed

Due to large size python cannot attain the fast speed and can crawl up to 1,600 meters in one hour.

3. Hunting

They trap the prey by remaining motionless and striking the prey with the lightening fast speed upon approach. Like other snakes, python does not chase the prey.

4. Natural Predators

Species like the jackals, foxes, mongoose, etc. feeds in the python.

5. Sexual Maturity

Sexual maturity is reached at the age of 5 to 6 years and varies with the species.

6. Digestion

Once the python consumes the prey animal it takes days to digest the food. It is roughly estimated that it needs to feed four to five times in a year. After engulfing the food python stays in the warm place to facilitate the digestion of food.

7. Parental Care

They are noticed for immense parental care. The number of eggs laid can rise up to 100 and the incubation period last from 40 to 100 days and the newly hatched has the length from 25 to 70 Centimeters. Due to massive energy used by the female in incubation, they do not reproduce for next couple of years.

8. Species

There are more than 33 species of python around the globe. Some can merely attend the length of 90 centimeter and other can attend 9 meters in length when fully grown.

9. Popularity

Python is popular among different culture around the globe. Popular Programming language Python is honored by their name.

10. Uses

Python has been traditionally used to make the bag, shoes, and accessory. The skin is used for this purpose. Due to its aesthetic profound nature, they have been used as the pet.


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