10 Majestic Facts About Red Panda

The red panda is the small mammals thriving the eastern Himalayas. They are found in Nepal, Bhutan, and India. The population of the red panda is estimated to be less than ten thousand around the globe. Due to various anthropogenic activates like the clearing of the forest, keeping as past the population of the red panda is on the decline. Due to this, they are placed in the Endangered category.

Red panda are relative of giant panda and physiology matches to the bear. It can be called as small bear feeding intensively in bamboo. Due to low protein in Bamboo red panda spend considerable time in foraging. The weight of red panda can be up to 6 kilogram and length can be up to 64 centimeter.

Adequate steps are urgently needed to protect this rapidly declining species. If the present trend of the habitat destruction continuous this beautiful species can disappear from the plant earth.

Read Panda Facts are Summarized as Below:

1. Nest

Female Red panda the built nest for the babies. the Occasional using of tree trunk and small caves for rising babies is noticed.

2. Food

Major portion of the diet of the red the panda comprise of bamboo shoot which occupies two third of the total diet requirement. Researchers have found the red panda also eats the insect, birds, and eggs.

3. Inactive During Day

Red panda remains active during dusk and down. Sighting of this animal in the wild is extremely difficult because of inactivity of this animal during daytime.

4. Elevation Range

Red panda are sensitive to the elevation range. The elevation ranges from 2,200 to 4,800 meters above sea level. The north-facing slope with bamboo grass as vegetation is clear indication of suitable habitat the for Red panda.

5. Cleaning the Fur

Red panda clean the fur like the cat. Many behaviors of red panda matches with the domestic cat.

6. Temperature

Red panda requires the temperate climate which varies from 10 to 25 degree centigrade. Temperature above and below this range is not suitable for the red panda.

7. Cannot Digest Cellulose

Cell wall is made up of cellulose, which cannot be digested by the red panda. This put hindrance in nutrition extraction from food consumed. Due to this reason red panda the spend the significant amount of time foraging.

8. Life Span

Red panda is found to have life span of 8 years. Captive Red Panda lives longer than wild one.

9. Arboreal

Significant life span of red panda is spending in the tree so they are Arboreal. They sleep in the tree hanging the legs from the branch.

10. Solitary

Red panda likes to live alone except some time during the mating season.


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