10 Majestic Health Benefits of the Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the highly recognized vitamin around the globe mainly due to the immense health benefits offer by it.

Almost all the food we intake like potato, lemon, strawberry, orange, Moringa, etc. on the daily basis contain an adequate amount of the vitamin C. it is normally recommended to consume 90 milligrams of vitamin C by the adult individuals (1).

There are many artificial supplements available for the consumption. People are taking the artificial supplement available in the market for the optimum health benefits. But in reality, the cause of the vitamin C supplement is different.

Taking artificial supplement provide the vitamin C but lacks the other vital nutrient when consumed like other natural sources.

Vitamin C being the water-soluble vitamin requires the constant intake on the daily basis. As the excess of vitamin C gets expelled from the body which necessities daily intake of Vitamin C.

Massive intake of vitamin C on the daily basis can accelerate the absorption of the iron in the blood leading to several unwanted heart consequences.

Health Benefit of Vitamin C

1. Immunity Boosting

The innate antioxidant property of the vitamin C is effective in the boosting of the immunity in the human body. Due to this several noisome diseases can be prevented.

2. Scurvy

This is associated with the chronic deficiency of the vitamin C in the diet.  This disease is marked by bleeding gum and nose and can create lots of noisome effect in the human health.

3. Common Cold

Vitamin C has the potent effect to soothe the occurrence of the common cold in the human body.

4. Asthma

Intake of the vitamin C is effective to soothe the occurrence of asthma in the human body.

5. Healthy Heart

Due to the regulation of the cholesterol and several health benefits offered by the intake of the vitamin C, it is helpful in obtaining the healthy heart.

6. Wound Healing

Consumption of the vitamin C is associated with the rapid wound healing in the body.

7. Alzheimer’s

The consumption of the vitamin C helps to soothe the occurrence of the Alzheimer’s in the old age.

8. Vision

Vitamin C consumption is associated with optimum vision.

9. Urinary Tract

The acidic nature of the vitamin C is effective in the prevention of the pathogenic microorganism to thrive in the urinary tract leading to several health benefits.

10. Digestion

Vitamin c is beneficial for the adequate bowel movement in the body that result in the beneficial effect in the digestion of the food.


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