10 Majestic Ways to Getting Rid of Body Fat Naturally

Excessive body fat has become the epidemic in human society of our age. Our primordial ancestor uses to spend considerable time in hunting during the hunter-gathering society. The average life expectancy of the population uses to be 30 years.

Socialization of our primordial ancestors takes place after the Agricultural revolution when our ancestor starts cultivating the wild crop for the purpose of feeding own self and the population. After, the agricultural revolution our population starts to proliferate and people has the sedentary lifestyle. Crop cultivation has enabled the human to work less than our ancestors.

We the are descendant of our primordial ancestor use to be most active at all time of the day. In the modern age despite our life expectancy has increased dramatically we are not living the salubrious life.

Obesity has become epidemic due to several factors, mainly due to business giants, which twist the outcome of the research. Recently, finding of the donation by the sugar company to Harvard researcher to establish sugar, as good diet is really frustrating.

There use to be higher death due to starvation in south Asia. The individual with the highest fat retaining capacity uses to survive. The present south Indian population is the byproduct of the natural selection. Excessive fat accumulation was a boon in the past, but now leading to the Diabetic epidemic.

Natural ways to get rid of body fat

1. Cucumber juice

Cucumber being good for digestive purpose offers the multiple benefits for losing weight. Water inside the fruit and vegetable are different from that of normal water. These are the natural distil water and can provide an effective remedy of body fat. You can try having a glass of cucumber juice in an empty stomach to get rid of unnecessary body fat.

2. Chilies

Chilies contain the oil soluble chemical called the capsaicin this capsaicin has the potential to get rid of the body fat. There has been some evidence on the rural part of the world that regular chilly consumption can make aloft.

3. Lemon juice with honey

Lemon juice contains the natural citric acid the natural acid. The acid is neutralized in the body with ease. This can be the potential tool to reduce the body fat. Honey being the good for digestive system help in eliminating the toxins from the body.

4. Apple

Apple contain pectin with is the essential compounds in eliminating unwanted body fat. Apple is popular among the person willing to lose weight due to the fact that it helps in easing the body fat.

5. Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise can drastically reduce the body fat because of the fact that they activate the lymph node in the body. Lymph node has the potential to eliminate the toxins from the body. You need to inhale the air and retain as long as you can for multiple time. There is no hard and fast rule you can retain until you find it ease.

6. Exercise such as running cycling

Exercise requires lots of energy, which comes from the diet we eat. Doing exercise produces heat, which can be indicated by the sweat during the exercise. There is the requirement to do exercise at least 30 minutes per day in order to get the benefit.

7. Yoga exercise to ease belly fat

That are certain yoga exercise which can be used to reduce the body fat. Yoga like Cobra pose can be used to reduce the body fat. If you want to know the detail about Yoga exercise to reduce the belly fat you can read my book, ‘Yoga Poses: for the tiny belly, Deep sleep, diabetes, and back pain” in Amazon kindle.

8. Green tea, coffee

Green tea and coffee are the potentials for losing weight. Recent evidence suggests that the use of green coffee interfere with the thyroid gland and can cause the malfunction of thyroid hormone thyroxin.

9. Avoid sugar, deep-fried food and food that takes a long time to digest.

Sugars are lush with empty calorie. Sugar provides the energy and does not give the vital nitration and adds in body fat. Further, deep fried items in fast food are lush with the fat and sugar, which can result in gaining weight.

10. Fasting

Anyone thrives on the food that we eat. If the input of the food exceeds the requirement of the individual it results in gaining weight. Fasting can drastically decrease the weight loss. Recent evidence of fasting in dog suggests that low glucose level in the dog causes the detachment of internal parasite in the body. It is almost impossible to do fasting simply by eating water whole the day. My advice is to take honey and lemon juice during the fasting in order to suffer less.

Despite all these factors anyone wishing to lose the weight can lose with ease. Applying multiple parameters simultaneously can drastically reduce the weight loss and eliminate the surgery. There are some potent ways to lose the weight, which I have summarized above. 


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