10 Memorizing Facts About International Space Station

The International space station is the largest space station launched by the human. This is also known as ISS in abbreviation. This is claimed to be visible to the unaided eye from the earth. The primary purpose of the space station is to perform the research and testing of the spacecraft system for moon and mars mission. This station holds the world record of highest time orbiting the earth.

The International space station is the joint program of NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA (1). Where, NASA is the National Aeronautic and Space Administration is from United State, Roscosmos State Corporation represent Russia, JAXA is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, ESA is the European Space Agency, and CSA is the Canadian Space Agency.

Each of the countries included in the member provides the financial resource for operating the space station. This is claimed to be one of the most costly space operation and the cost is estimated to be greater than 150 billion United States Dollar.

Facts About International Space Station

1. Section

The station has two sections one is the united state orbital segment shortly known as USOS and the other is Russian orbital segment also known as ROS.

2. Repair of Station

Using the robotic arms and other ways carries out the repairing process. This is the essential to mention any defects arise.

3. Communication

Communication by radio communication that is linked to the internal and external communication system.

4. Power Supply

The power source is supplied by solar energy by means of photovoltaic cells. The lithium-ion batteries are used for energy storage. 

5. Food for Crewmember

The foods are vacuum shielded in the plastic bag according to the need of crewmembers. Each crewmember has the individual food packages. Different members have their own food choices. The new ships from Earth achieve the fresh supply of food.

6. Weight

The weight is the by-product of mass and gravity. Due to this, it varies with the gravitational value. The mass of the ISS is 419, 455 kilogram (2).

7. Launched Date

It was launched in the year 1998. Till now it is functioning normally.

8. Length Breathes and Height.

The length, breadth, and height are estimated to be 72.8, 108.5 and 20 meters respectively.

9. Speed and Time Took to Orbit Around the Earth

The speed is estimated to be 27,600 kilometers per hours. It moves around the earth in merely 92.65 minutes.

10. Number of Crewmembers

There is the six-crew member in the international space Station.


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