11 Majestic Facts About Horses

Horses are the mammals believed to evolved around 55 million years ago. Due to their friendly nature and fast speed, people start domesticating the horse more than 4,000 BC. The robust anatomy of the horse makes the easy escape from the predators under natural condition.

Horse breed has been divided into three types: the hot blood, warm blood, and the cold blood. The high-speed horse is called the hot blood horse, the cold blood horses are slow speed and dwarf horses were as warm blood horse is the hybrid between hot and cold blood. It is estimated that more than 300 different breeds of the horse thrive in the earth. They are found on every continent excluding Antarctica.

Interesting Facts about Horses:  

1. Medicine

The horse is widely used to produce various vaccines and the anti-venom of varied types.

2. Horsemeat

Consuming horse meat is illegal is the most part of the world. It is due to the long innate harmonious relation with horse and human.

3. Life Span

The horse is expected to live for 30 years of age. There has been some record of the oldest horse to be more than 62 years in the 19th century.

4. Cremation Ritual

In the rural part of the world, the death of the horse needs the cremation ritual like that of human beings.

5. Colt and Ferry

The male and female horses under the age of four are called colt and filly respectively.

6. Precocial Species

This is the term applied to the organism in which the offspring are able to stand and run within the hour after the birth. The Gestation period of the horse is eleven months.

7. Not Ruminant

Unlike other herbivorous which has a complex three-chamber stomach. A horse has one chamber stomach. The cellulose is digested by the symbiotic bacteria in the cecum of the intestine.

8. Monocular Vision

We human beings have the binocular vision it implies that the overlapping of the image occurs when the image is formed in the retina. The horses have the monocular vision means the overlapping of the image does not take place. Horses are noted for nearly 360-degree vision.

9. Speed

The normal speed of the horse is 44 kilometer per hour. The recorded speed of the horse is 88 kilometers per hour.

10. Przewalski’s Horse

The horse found in Mongolia is considered as the only true wild horse species in existence. This is listed as the critically endangered due to less than 2,000 individual in wild by IUCN.

11. Herds

The horse is found in heard with the size of around 20 animals protected by the dominant male under natural condition.


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