12 House Fly Control Home Remedies

The housefly is common species omnipresent in the world. The housefly has the complete metamorphosis. The egg is changed to larva and larva changes into pupa and pupa to adult.  Housefly mate only once during the entire life cycle. Female fly stores the sperm and uses it as needed. Female housefly lays the cluster of 100 eggs one at a time. A housefly can live for around one month and can lay up to two thousand eggs during the entire life cycle.

Due to their ability to carry pathogens in the body, they can rapidly spread the disease of different kinds.

There are Home Remedies to Get Rid of the Flies Described as Below:

1. Clear Plastic Bag Filled with Water

Due to the different mechanism in the eye, the clear plastic bag laden with water feels like the spider wave to the fly. Due to this housefly tends to avoid the places where the plastic bag is hanged with clean water. Some researchers even claimed that reflection of light mimics illusion of different kinds.

2. Camphor

Camphor has the capacity to repel the fly. The camphor strong smell has the capacity to repel the fly of any kind including the housefly. It is essential to use no more than two camphor once at a time.

3. Honey Tap

Take around ten milliliters of honey and spread on the cloth. Hang the cloth in the place where there are gluts of the fly. The leg of the fly gets attached in the honey.

4. Cloves

The noisome smell of the cloves has the potential to repel the housefly. There are many pieces of evidence the noisome smell of clove repels that housefly.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber has the innate potential to repeal the housefly. Due to this nature cucumber slice is used at the top of the garbage to repel the housefly.

6. Pepper, Milk, and Sugar

Milk and sugar have the capacity to attract the housefly whereas the pepper has the capacity to kill them. It is necessary to place the mixture in infested place.

7. Breeding Surface

Finding the breeding surface and removing the potential breeding place can be effective in the remedy of the housefly.

8. Lowering and Raising the Temperature

Rising of temperature makes an unsuitable condition for the survival of the fly. Below nine and above forty-seven-degree centigrade alters the normal behavioral pattern of the housefly.

9. Rubber Dand

Manually killing of the housefly by the rubber band is an effective way to get rid of the housefly. Despite the labor-intensive process, it can help in killing the housefly.

10. Fan

The air turbulence produced by the fan puts hindrance in the maneuver of the housefly.

11. Making the Room Dark

Unlike mosquito, which prefers darkness housefly, avoid the darkness. Due to this reason darkening of the room compel the housefly to leave the room.

12. Basil Plant 

Basil plant is the strong repellent of the Housefly. 


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