12 Majestic Facts About Reindeer

Reindeer is commonly known, as caribou is deer species Native to North America, Siberia, and Europe. Reindeer is found mainly in extremely cold climate with precipitation is mainly a form of snow.

Males are heavier and robust than female. The weight of male can grow up to 182 kg and female is 120 kilogram. Females can grow up to 205 centimeters and male can grow up to 214 centimeters.

Reindeer facts:

1. Clicking sound

The clicking sound is produced by many species of rain deer during walking. The sound can be noticed from 10 meters away.

2. Hooves adapt to the season

During summer when the vegetation becomes soft rain deer hooves becomes sponge like. In winter vegetation becomes thought rim of the hoof becomes exposed.

3. Both the sex has antlers

Unlike many deer species, both the sex of the rain deer have antler. Due to this reason, they are peculiar to many other deer species.

4. Nasal turbinate bones

Nose is the organ for making the air worn during inhalation. The special nasal turbinate bones help in making the warmer air. The presence of the special features enables rain deer to survive in harsh condition.

5. Rain deer are omnivorous

During the stress condition especially during spring, rain deer feeds on the small rodents, birds eggs, fish, etc.

6. Many cultures has used rain deer

Various communities around the world have used rain deer for the different purpose. Despite the lethargic speed rain deer was used as the means of transport. There are some Mongolian tribes thriving in the rain deer as the source of energy.

7. Longest migration

Rain deer can migrate up to 5,000 Kilometer in a year with the distance covered from 19 to 55 kilometers in a day.

8. Sees the ultraviolet light

Rain deer can see the ultraviolet wavelength of 320 nanometers. Due to this ability rain deer survives in adverse condition.

9. Migrate in large herd

They migrate in large number during spring the herd’s number varies from 50,000 to 500,000 animals.

10. Male stops feeding during mating period

During the entire period of mating male concentrate all its energy in mating. It tends to avoid feeding during mating time.

11. Male lives longer than female

Male lives for six years and female lives for four years in wild. Captive rain deer lives longer than the wild variety.

12. Female has shorter antlers

The antlers of the female are small compared to male. The length of female antler is 50 centimeter and the male has 130 centimeters.


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