12 Majestic Health Benefit of Onion

Anyone around the world is familiar with the eye irritation while cutting of the onion often an uncontrolled tear. Onions are widely used spices around the globe. The onion can be harvested twice or thrice a year depending on the climate and soil nutrient availability. Onion prefers soil reach in a nutrient. Due to the huge benefit to human health, our ancestor seems to be planting onions from more than 7,000 years ago. Due to ease of the propagation, transportation, and storage, this was one of the popular species in past.

Further, the noisome juice was used as the moth repellent, antidote in insect bite, preventing rusting of iron, polishing glass, etc.  Traditionally onion was used during cough, clod, asthma etc (1).

Heath Benefit of Onion are Summarized Below:

1. Healthy Bone

Eating the onion on the regular basis is claimed to increase the bone density. This is good for the women in menopause phase. Ad hock consumption of the onion does not have the significant beneficial effect on the human health.

2. Cancer

Cancer like that of prostate, colon, stomach, ovarian cancer can be prevented due to the consumption of onion.

3. Anti- clotting

Onion has the anticlotting capacity that means that it helps in preventing of the unwanted clumping together of the platelets cells.

4. Reduce Cholesterol and Triglycerides

The sulfur compounds in the onion lower the level of cholesterol and triglycerides that drastically improves the function of cell membrane in Red blood cells.

5. Anti-Bacterial

The Flavonoid quercetin the sulfur-containing compound in the onion has the antibacterial quality.

6. Anti Ageing

This is due to the presence of vitamin  C that is the antioxidant in an onion. The damage to the cell by fee radical is prevented by Vitamin C.

7. Diabetes

There are evidence of the regular consumption of the onion is associated with improved of blood sugar balance in the body. This has been conformed while experimenting with the rat population.

8. Enhance Sleep

It is due to the folic acid the vitamin B 9 present in the onion. This helps in enhancing sleep.

9. Healthy Skin

Due to the presence of vitamin C the overall function of the skin improves drastically (2).

10. Digestion of Food

Onion can stimulate the release of the digestive juice adding in the adequate digestion of food in the body.

11. Intestinal Worm

The consuming of the onion seeds can repel Intestinal worn. This has been described in ancient Ayurveda literature.

12. Hair Loss

Applying the onion juice with coconut oil in scalp and washing after two hours can produce the beneficial effects.


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