12 Majestic Medical Uses Of Papaya

Papaya is the perennial plant often distinguished by its spirally arranged leaves. Due to the immense health benefit of the papaya fruit, the cultivation of papaya was done by our ancestors from the long time back. Papaya being tropical tree can stand up to 10 meters. It is distinct from other types of plant for the possession of weird leaf measuring up to 70 centimeters. It grows suitable in the climate below the freezing point temperature and is sensitive to frost.

Papaya plants have three sexes male, female and the hermaphrodite. The male does not produce fruit, female produce inedible fruits; it is the hermaphrodite plant that produces edible fruits. The ripening of the papaya occurs when the fruit changes from green to yellowish color.

Unripe papaya fruit is used in the different culinary items around the globe. Raw papaya has been used consumed as curry in Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries around the globe. Further, the tender leaves and seed are consumed as the vegetable as well as spices in the different part of the world.

There are some unwanted side effects due to excessive consumption of papaya. This can be minimizing by consuming it in moderation. It is strongly advice not to eat the Papaya during pregnancy as it interferes with the uterus dilution. Papaya is traditionally used as the soup to remedy malaria.

Medical Uses of Papaya are Given Below:

1. Removing Toxins

Due to the high amount of pectin innate, it can be effective in the removal of toxicants from the body.

2. Colon Cancer

Colon cancer can be prevented by regular consumption of papaya. This is due to the fiber content in it. The combined benefit of the nutrition and antioxidant can work in marvelous ways to prevent Colon Cancer.

3. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer can be prevented by regular consumption of the papaya.

4. Arthritis

It is due to the innate vitamin C in the Papaya, which acts as the antioxidant. Further, the innate micronutrient like the Magnesium, potassium, and vitamins like A, C and K is good for mentioning sound health.

5. Papain

This is the enzyme in the papaya, which helps in the digestion of the food.

6. Menstrual Pain

The enzyme Papain in the papaya helps in the easing of the Menstruation pain.

7. Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid can be treated when the papaya is consumed in moderation.

8. Type 2 Diabetes

Consuming papaya in regular basis can prevent this type of diabetes. Roughage in the papaya helps in slower releasing of the glucose in the blood.

9. Glowing Skin and Attractive Hair

Due to the innate vital vitamins in the papaya healthy skin and hair is observed.

10. Weight Loss

Due to the potassium health of the heart can be improved. Fiber helps in reducing the release of glucose in the blood. This will have the beneficial result of weight loss.

11. Vision

The rhodopsin pigment in the eye is made up of vitamin A. Papaya being lush with Vitamin A helps in good vision.

12. Retard Aging Process

Damage to free radical to the cell can be prevented by the antioxidant innate in Papaya.




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