14 Majestic Ways for Organic Traffic Induction

Visitors for any unpaid sources often refer to as the organic traffic. Organic traffic is the kernel for the prosperity of the Internet business in the present world. In another word Organic traffic is the backbone of Internet business. Anyone wishing to make the handsome sum of money needs to familiarize with the series of ways to induce traffic. In reality getting visitors from the organic traffic is the lethargic process and requires lots of time and investment.

Unlike the paid advertisement preferably from the pay to click site, which can bring a significant number of visitors to the site. It is not always effective to have a number of visitors with the few are actually purchasing the product. There are numerous researchers claiming the ineffectiveness of the play to click site.

Anyone wishing to have the visitors in short duration can invest in other advertisement media. Traditional media like Television, radio, the newspaper has the potential to induce the quality traffic.

Due to the absence of the precise mechanism to drive traffic, it is essential to follow the various methods. Some of the effective methods to attract tons of free traffic to the site are summarized below:

1. Search engine optimization

This is the process of building the website to increase visibility by the search engine. There are two types of search engine optimization one is on the page and other is off page search engine optimization. Both the process makes the website visible to the search engine. Unethical manipulation of search engine for the better ranking often called the black hat SEO is not beneficial in long run.

The majority of the organic traffic almost ninety percent goes to the first three site displayed in the search engine result. This clearly signifies how important it is to remain on the first page of the search engine

2. Compatible

It is essential to make the website compatible with the major device available. Search engine neglects the website which is not compatible with the device like mobile, tablet, and laptops. There are free tools available for the compatible testing.  

3. Submission

It is essential to submit the website to the search engine in the beginning phase of launching the site.

4. Image

There is the need to give the name to the image. Image with the title is easily recognized by the web crawlers and can be visible in the search engine.

5. Link building

This is the process of getting the link from the variety of sources. The links from the authorities sources increase the visibility of web page by the search engine. Link from the official government site and education site can be beneficial. Link from the inferior sources damage the reputation and leads to unwanted consequences.

6. Sitemap

There is the need to include the side map of the site in the web page. The presence of sitemap proves the authenticity and helps in search engine visibility.

7. Promotion

Promotion if necessary needs to be done in the authentic platform. Using the pay to click site for manipulating the search engine result cannot produce beneficial effects in the long run.

8. Bounce rate

Bounce rate is vital as the users tend to stay on the website for short period of time. If the website requires prolonging time to open it technically refers to as the increases the bounce rate. Excess bounce rate can demise the reputation of the site by the search engine. This is mainly caused due to untargeted traffic from various sources.

9. Social media

Adequate use of the social media can attract the tons of traffic. Due to a large number of social media platforms, it is necessary to focus on the few platform in order to save precious time. At the beginning, it is highly advised to use the multiple platforms to find out which site induce targeted traffic. The social media, which brings quality traffic, needs to be used after pilot survey.

10. Timely update

It is essential to have the timely update of the website. This needs to be seriously considered especially by the blogger. Without the timely update, adequate search engine recognition might not be possible.

11. Keyword research

Keyword research is vital to attracting the traffic to the site. Anyone searching on the Internet uses the Keyword around three keywords to get the desired result. Adequate use of the keyword can be beneficial to induce the traffic to the site.

12. Word of the mouth

Nothing is the world is effective to induce the traffic than the Word of the mouth. Visitors from the word of the mouth tend to purchase the product due to trust. This seems inferior but this is highly needed to be included in the ways to induce the traffic.

13. Update

The landscape of the Internet changes drastically so it is always essential to remains update with the tips and tricks to induce traffic to the site. This can only be possible by allocated adequate time for research.

14. Advertisement in traditional media

Instant Targeted traffic can be obtained by advertising in the tradition media like Television, Radio, and newspaper. Anyone thriving in the seasonal business can advertise in this way.


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