5 Interesting facts about Pasta

Almost every one of us has experienced the taste of the Pasta. Pasta has become the omnipresent food due to alluring facts. Pasta is generally made up of durum wheat floor mixed with water or eggs. Pasta is available in various shapes and used as the staple food in the various part of the world. There is two variety of pasta one is dried and other is fresh pasta that comprises more than 600 types. The origin of pasta can be dated to Italy in 1154 (1). Pasta has remains the popular food mainly due to ease in manufacturing, storing and preparation process.

1. Variety

There are two variety of pasta one is dried and other is fresh

A. Dried Pasta

A dried variety of pasta is generally manufactured in the factory. This account for the larger production as mass production is done in factories.  The commercial manufacturer uses the modern technology machinery like the large machine and dried the pasta for prolong period of time such as around several days to evaporate the innate water.  They are distinguished from the fresh pasta as the size becomes almost double when cooked. Dried pasta is hermetically sealed in order to preserve the freshness (2).

B. Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta is often made in the small scale suitable for local consumption. The addition of the eggs and herbs increase the flavor and health benefit of the fresh pasta. They are differentiating from the dried pasta in the manner they do not expand in size during cooking.

2. Manufacturing

The wheat floor is the cheap incident in the manufacture of the pasta. To prepare the gluten free pasta rice and maize in commonly used in the manufacturing. To enhance the flavor several vegetable and condiments are used in the manufacturing process. Further, to enhance the nutritional benefit various synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to the pasta.

3. Culinary Use

Pasta has been wildly used is the variety of culinary menu. The method of preparation of the pasta varies from one cuisine to another. Pasta can be manufacture by adding almost all the incidents and flavor. Several cultures around the world savor different dishes made up of pasta. Italian cuisine has the distinct flavor and texture to soothe any gourmand.

4. Health Benefit

The health benefit of the pasta varies from one variety to another. The wheat floor added during the manufacturing of the pasta indicates the level of protein in the pasta. Further, the synthetic vitamin, eggs, condiments, vegetables, etc. added on it drastically increases the health benefit of eating the pasta. Pasta is low in calories than another alternative available.

5. Popularity

Due to ease of the preparation, prolong storage time, multiple options available to suit everyone needs pasta remains one the popular food around the globe.The popularity of the pasta is on the rise through out the world.


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