5 Majestic Facts For Mass Extinction of Humans

Human is the supreme predator and is the ruler of the present earth. They’re various species that used to rule the world in past. The best example is the Dinosaurs the reptile who used to rule the earth. During the age of dinosaurs, the evolution of mammals was in rudimentary phase. The precise cause of the mass extinction of dinosaurs is the highly debated topics and various hypotheses are available to predict the cause of Mass Extinction.

It is the rule of nature: Everything gets destroy with time. Let us take an example of the sun which is the giant nuclear reactor running in the hydrogen fuel. All of the heavenly bodies that we know have the finite time of existence. So is the human being which existence cannot be infinitive.

Some specific reason to trigger the mass extinction of human from the earth:

1. Background extinction

Species origin, evolution, and extinction are the natural processes govern by the natural cycles. The normal background extinction process is the enviable natural process. This is the natural process and none of the artificial forces can combat against it.

2. Disturbance

The anthropogenic disturbance to nature has created lots of impact in natural balance. The disturbance in the biogeochemical cycles has adversely affected and affecting the human life. The dumbest invention human did be to extract the fossil fuel which causes the disturb the natural ecological balance. The byproducts of the fossil fuel combustion can result in the severe negative effect on the biota thriving in the earth.

The acceleration of the process of tectonic shifting is causing massive damage to the man-made structure. It is mainly due to the higher volume of ocean water resulting from melting of the polar ice due to global warming. This can be the potential cause of massive casualty of life on earth.

3. Mosquito

The mosquito can be called as the prime enemy for the human due to the spread of deadly disease. Mosquito acts as the vectors for the spread of deadly disease like Zika, Ebola, etc. this disease has the immense potential to wipe out human species from earth. The prolific spread of the mosquito in colder place is drastically increasing the spread of disease in colder places.

4. Mutation

All we know that mutation is the ultimate source of new genes. The mutation has several advantages as well as disadvantage. Various anthropogenic activities are triggering the mutation. Radiation emitted by radioactive elements, various synthetic chemicals triggers the mutation.

5. Others

Any event like the impact of the meteorite that blocks the sunlight for the prolonged period of time can result in the mass extinction of the human species from the earth. Once cannot deny the invasion of the alien, the war of various types as the prime cause of extinction of the human from earth.


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