5 Majestic Facts on Monosodium Glutamate

This is the naturally occurring sodium salt of glutamic acid found in Cheese, tomato’s, etc. Due to the high demand of the monosodium glutamate in the industry to enhance the flavor and taste rises the demand to synthesize artificially. Adding MSG boosts the taste of the food like the meat.  This was the first manufactured in 1908, by Japanese biochemist named Kikunae Ikeda.

Due to huge and constant increase in demand of the monosodium glutamate, it is of great importance significantly. The demand for the MSG increases with 4 to 5 percent per year and it is projected that the demand reaches to 4 million metric ton (MMT) with the current demand of amount greater than 3 Million Metric Tons. Per head annual consumption is higher in china with the estimated rise of 2 Kg per person per year.

There are three ways to synthesize the Monosodium glutamate in the industrial level. Among them is the bacterial fermentation is widely used. The bacterial fermentation processes for the synthesis of monosodium glutamate mimic the process of production of Yogurt and Vinegar.

The majority of research around the world has found that moderate Consumption of Monosodium doses does not cause the determinate effect in human health. Due to the absence of treatment method to cure the disease due to MSG in food. The only way to prevent the unwanted symptoms by consuming MSG is to avoid the consumption of MSG.

Despite the clear evidence to support the adverse effect of MSG in the fetus, there are recommendations to avoid the MSG during pregnancy.

Huge consumption of MSG is associated with the different problem which is summarized as below:

1. Headaches

Some people experience a headache due to the consumption of MSG. This might be due to stimulation of nervous system. The best way to avoid this symptom is to consume in moderation and if the symptoms persist there is the need to absolutely boycott the consumption.

2. Bowls Upsets

This is due to intolerance to the gluten. People who have this problem needs to avoid any type of diet with gluten in it mostly the product from wheat.  

3. Reaction in Skin

There is evidence of overstimulation of nervous system by the consumption of MSG which is associated with an inflammatory reaction in the skin.

4. Mount, Head and Neck Burning.

There is some evidence of mouth, head, and neck burning in some people. Avoiding the consumption of MSG in the diet is the best way to avoid all these symptoms.

5. Sweating

There has been the report of sweating after consumption of MSG. It might be due to the exothermic reaction within the body. The biochemistry of people differs so anyone with these symptoms needs to avoid consumption of MSG in the diet.  


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