6 Majestic Facts About Oscar Awards

The Oscars or Academy Awards is the American awards held annually and is hosted by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). It was first presented in the year 1923 and the award is distributed on the basis of voting of the members.

Although the first broadcast of the Oscars was done in radio on is 1930 and television in 1953. It is presently estimated that the award is watched around the globe.

Academy Awards Facts:

1. Voters

The Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is solely responsible for issuing the membership for voting.

2. Fist Award

The first award is held in Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in the year 1929 with 270 audiences. The price of the guest ticket was $5.

3. Total Awards

It is calculated that 2,947 awards are disturbed up to 2016.

4. World War II

During Second World War due to the metal shortage, Oscar was made of the painted plaster.

5. Time Require Making Statuettes

It takes up to four weeks to manufacture 50 Statuettes at the Chicago.

6. First Award Refusal

Dudley Nichols refused best writing award given to him in the year 1935.


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